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Well, like, I said, you know, coach McDermott talks a lot about complementary football staying on the field on third down. It's an offense and ruined. The time of -sition limiting the turnovers and on defense forcing three now. It's forcing turnovers and in those games we've won the turnover margin quite a bit. So that's why we're I come in. And you know, making good decisions not putting the ball into their hands. And our defense comes out. We got some fantastic players on defense, and they showed up tonight and. I didn't expect anything less than them. Situation where you have to learn. Especially. Is it a little bit off for you? I care about letters came about the w I don't care how ugly the stats look if we're out on top. That's all I care about you know, guys at throw for four hundred and six touchdowns but ended up losing the game still loss at the end of the day. So I'm just trying to every possible in my power to help his team moved the football. Stay on the field on third downs and me put points on the board. Well, I mean, obviously the first few weeks. Getting shady going. You know, wasn't all there tonight. I think we put it together. Our guys just had a mindset that they were gonna go out there and do their job. And that's what we did without executed to five and three three. They just ran they trusted what they saw. They made plays plays needed to be made. And that's all you can ask for your from your big backs. Awesome. How Garrick would every time? I see him. Just I I never really was around in the locker room. But from what I've been told by everybody who's just one of the greatest guys I've ever met and from the comeback and watch our game. And it's kind of hanging out. You know, it's it's awesome. Oh, for sure for sure. I really haven't seen all the reports or not really sure what's going on. But I'm welcome to Jenny help. You know, I'm not gonna turn help away for sure. And I know there's a lot of things for me to improve and grow on. You know, and that comes with repetition that comes with an extra set of is maybe sometimes to Rayton sit down on the sidelines. Just kind of tell me what he's seeing how he would handle the situation because he's been there before. So I'm excited and definitely welcome to that offer. Thank you. That ends or this ends perhaps the longest post game show ever as chemo over well before four o'clock. Thanks for gutting it out with us. Sorry. Mike Chopin.

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