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Become the president. That's kind of my guest. Maybe I'm wrong about that. There might be like civil war thing that happens at the end. I don't know I don't know bins leading with this I. That's what I was. GonNa say that there's going to be some sort of a civil war. Bubba will assume the presidency locked down. The borders and America will live happily ever after. Oh yeah I also suspect we're going to hear more about this this international conspiracy against the United States that involves at least China but I bet I bet some ridiculous countries will also show up. I think the weapons of mass destructions are going to end up with black. Lives Matters. Yeah and said Nukes there's going to be there's going to be a threat where the VON has the weapons of mass destruction and. They need to stop him from using them. I truly believe that's what's happening because that that is the most been Shapiro kind of Republican thing. That could happen. Is that the evil. Black activists who hate cops get Saddam Hussein's mass destruction from Iran? It's everything he hates but is in reality connected in no way whatsoever being connected which is what all Republicans have to believe happens right that everything is a little piece of the puzzle and it's all coming to ahead. Yeah it's it's a kind of thinking we all have to avoid like. There's a tendency to believe that everything bad is tied into everything else bad and it's more complicated by the fact that like a lot of. Shitty people are all friends with each other. I don't know right. And it's a but it's also oftentimes the difference between Lake. Well their interests naturally align. Yeah as opposed to like. They're all meeting in. There are meeting in a room and they're saying like well you go do this and I'll go to this and like it's not it doesn't have to be conspiracy for interests to align. Yeah it's kind of like why Kim Jong Un. There were times when he was willing to like be positive about trump administration because it helped individual things he wanted to have happened and there was no there was no coordination because he was also happy to throw trump under the bus at times because none of these groups actually give a shit about each other yeah but in bins had black lives matter. I'm certain is about to be collaborating with Iran to use Saddam's weapons of mass destruction on America. That that is. I think we're this has to be headed. Yeah the domestic terrorists are working with. The international heiress the domestic terrorists which certainly are not going to be for example wight militia dudes. Who as we all know? Never commit terrorism. No they're the hero's I'll tell you what if some white militia dudes Went somewhere and did and did some crimes to people in Mexico. I bet he wouldn't be like well. This justifies Mexico. Starting a war with us yet. There's never been a case of members of a militia killing a child on the border that never happened in the episode. We did about the border militia community and its growth in history. Nothing like that occurred. I believe you. I'm waiting also for a have. We seen a right wing. We seen like a rush limbaugh. Ben Shapiro type. We have to. I guess we are. Although I think it'll be interesting if we don't if there's no like actual like Ben Shapiro Media Personality stand in in this book. I think that's going to be really interesting. Because it might suggest to me. That Ben Shapiro kind of hates himself in what he does and wishes he in the military but he doesn't think he was big enough to short enough to be a terrorist. Not Tall enough to get a dig more into these terrorists next. Maybe we'll start the next one with that but for now. I need y'all to plug your plug ables cool. Yeah check out our show with Robert worst year ever also on iheartradio and we have another podcast called even more news You can check that out colle- through the rest and Youtube show called some more news There's websites like patriotic twitter and things related to that and I'm on twitter documents to cody and Katie's on twitter at Katie. Stall you can find me on twitter at. I right okay Also we're doing helping with a fundraiser to provide diapers to poor families in the Portland area the Portland Diaper Bank.

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