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Now, we're going to get back to talking a little bit about grafted vegetables grafted tomatoes, because I think people are wondering now based upon what targets said about the grafting of trees, if it's possible for the same thing to happen in that being the bottom route under the graft getting above the graph line, and perhaps affecting the tomato. But before we talk about that tiger. We have a great contest coming up. Yeah. Go ahead. And explain what we have in store for our listeners and our viewers. So we're really excited because April six is national or state national California poppy day, which is really exciting. The super blooms going on you see California poppies all over the state right now after the wonderful range that we had in the spring starting. So we thought. How fun would it be to their spring kick starting with a fun raffle for our newsletter members? So anyone who's already a member of our newsletters already entered in this row? So you're qualified automatically. Exactly. And if you're not definitely go to garden, America dot com, click in the upper right hand corner in join because we have a total of five hundred dollar gift package includes it just great. Because during the break, you told me what some of the products are that are included in this package. What are we talking about? We're talking a medium size veggie pod, which we'd had here on the show before. And I use in my yard. You've used the same one veggie potties is amazing because not only is it a great raised bed for you to be able to use and it drains. Well. Rolled around. Exactly it comes with his covering in the self watering misting system, as well all included it we're gonna throw in some HP one one in there. We're going to throw in some natural guard organic fertilizers some great seeds to be able to start your garden from botanical interest in Rene seed. So you're ready to go to wit, tools and other stuff that you're gonna need. We've got some Spanos soap as I had mentioned earlier in the show that's going to be in there as well. So again, we'll gift package ready to get your spring garden going everything you need, but the soil because we got to be able to ship it to you, and we can't ship at Trump to say, we're not gonna ship your soil. But after you get this kit. You just go your local center, you buy your soil you fill it up, and you'll be ready to and that's a now you got to you got to be a subscriber door newsletter. And again, it's tiger mentioned go to our website garden, America dot com. Top right hand side register for our newsletter. And then that automatically qualifies for the contest. And we got it the crime chest. You say. Are we going to do it before or after the April sixth day, we're gonna do it on April April six so you gotta be signed up by April fifth? Okay. So April fifth and again, go to garden, America dot com. Top right hand corner Senate for a newsletter. And then you qualify to win that that great package. My gosh. I mean that HP one to one itself and and the veggie pot. I know just a couple of two three hundred dollars right there. Exactly. So so, okay. So getting back to the grafting. Yeah. We we talked about how a grafted tree it is possible for the the route or what's underneath to make its way up toward the top and take over the top of the graft. Right whereas tomatoes in grafted vegetables. That's that should not be a problem. Yeah. It shouldn't be a problem. But you lose the value of the rootstock that we mentioned the reason why you buy a grafted tomato or grafted pepper or grafted eggplant. The reason why you buy those plants is because you're trying to get something that's resistant to nematodes resistant to disease. More vigorous and growing. Ryan, you lose that when you do that bury the graft. So that's why we tell you not to bury because normally tomatoes you bury them in the ground. You want them to produce stocks be able to produce but not with the graph the graph that make sure that graph line is above the soil. Yep. That's that's a I mean first thing you learned. Grafting one one end graphing one Lenoir's got a question can read it. I I guess I could come back here like this. Doesn't look very gross. You ready? I I want to say hi to Carol. She's giving us a shout out from the lompoc valley, botanical and horticulture society in your face you for that that's up there in lompoc. Hopefully, she's not in the prison. Nice. Nice tiger. Okay. So Leno says that she body a Tango Mandarin tree. And now let's see seems to be good for our zone. Can you talk about it? They highly recommended it to me at the nursery. It's full of flowering buds. So the Tango Mandra. Yeah. Just wants to know more about it. And and we'll see where area does winner living. I do not recall. She wants to make sure that it was good for her zone, which apparently the nurse where they said, it was I I guess you just west in a little bit more about it. Well, Tango Mandarin is a brand that came out of mandarins because of the the route that it produces again, we go back to why do they have certain trees, you know, you know, when it comes to manage to. There's a ton a ton. Mangrove writings about win. They produced route. You know, how the skin is easy to peel is not easy to peel. They seedless or not in Tango is one of those ones that was developed because it's a super flavorful juicy Mandarin. So, you know, I think that the one thing that Lenore needs to think about is when it produces fruit, and where she is because a lot of these mandarins produce in the fall or in the winter. Okay. And if she's getting severe winter weather during the time its production that not going to be good for the treatment. They they're very tolerant to a lot of environments, but definitely not going to be tolerant to frost or anything like that. Especially while trying to set for now, it's got a lot of flowering buds. I I would imagine that a good time. Oh, yeah. That's a great sign because that just tells you that it's it's it loves whereas at okay, it's it's it's doing its reproduction thing. Now, the one thing I will mention to with mandarins is that they tend to when they have a lot of flooring. Buds and when they have a lot of fruit they defoliate really easily which again, you wanna make sure using organic fertilizer consistently with it. So that way you can get strong foolish and strong fruit production when you start to see that defoliation occur. You're getting too much fruit production for the nutrient value in the soil and the plant you can't keep up and it puts all of its effort into reproducing itself not into keeping itself. Happy happy has got gotta sacrifice something for something else. Exactly. So, you know, but the only way to solve that Trump is to do that way in advance you need to be applying at fertilizer now or you need to be applying effort laser months ago to make sure that it's going to suck that up and be able to take a strong healthy plant a lot of times it happens when you first plant a tree because they're young, and they're they're they're very aggressive growers when they're young, and you know, they don't have the root system to tap into all of our natural nutrients in the soil. So you need supplement that we've gotta help it along until it gets established. Right. Exactly. So. You know, using a good organic fertilizer. Also, I recommend worm castings on mandarins because manage could be pretty prone to some other bugs white lie. There's why fly and scale and some other things in and I really like weren't castings on the citrus trees because they do a lot work as he does a lot for the tree itself. And you know, crease a nice healthy environment for that tree? So worm castings inorganic and you'll be good to go. What our thank you hope that to answers your question, Linda that you have good luck with your tree as well. And I think she said she bought it Beirut. Yeah. So I mean, seven years Beirut. Yeah. It's it's been there long enough that it should be producing. And and it's been a long enough. Linda, were you? You should be concerned. Yeah. So that was a good question. And hopefully, try those things that we suggested and your tree will get back into shape. Okay. What about thirty minutes away from our next break as we approach thirty minutes after the hour here on your Saturday morning, or if you're listening to us or watching us from back east, we say good Saturday afternoon to you happy weekend. I'm. Brian main. He's tiger. Pella FOX that. Of course, Jon is off today. John back next week is doing so much. He's a very busy guy these days. 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