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Day and your next shot in the grain is coming up in minutes so if you want some free money KABC Los Angeles Orange County and Caylus HD to Los Angeles cumulus station right Hey ABC news live and local it's two o'clock I'm Liz Warner a convicted murderer dubbed the Hollywood river has just discovered his fate we're now live in LA with KBC correspondent Kevin trip Kevin what's the latest what is a Los Angeles jury says that convicted murderer who kills two women should die for his crimes the jury just recommended the death penalty for Markel guards you low so called Hollywood rip brutally stabbed to women to death and tried to kill a third between two thousand one and two thousand eight he was convicted of this summer reporting live in Los Angeles Kevin tripcase ABC news president trump is wasting no time in naming his choice to replace outgoing Rick Perry the secretary of energy who announced he's resigning at the end of the year the president thanked Perry in a tweet and talked up the man who will now face Senate confirmation the president shying away from a recent pattern of picking an acting secretary or director of whatever Mr trump announcing straight up I am pleased to nominate deputy secretary game roulette to be the new secretary of energy dance experience in this sector is unparalleled a total professional I have no doubt that Dan will do a great job let has experience as a Ford Motor Company lobbyist plus other lobbying in Washington and was in the energy department under president George W. bush Bob Costantini Washington a Beverly hills real estate developer was sentenced today to a month behind bars in connection with the college admissions scandal Robert Flaxman sixty two was also sentenced by a judge in Boston to a year of supervised release following prison and was ordered to complete two hundred fifty hours of community service and pay a fine of fifty thousand dollars Flaxman pled no unplug guilty in may to federal counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud in on a services mail fraud he's the tenth parent to be sentenced in this ongoing and very far reaching case the world's first all female space walking team made history high above the earth today replacing a broken part of the international space station's power grid as NASA astronauts Christina coke and Jessica Jessica Meier successfully completed the job with wrenches screwdrivers and power grip tools it marked the first time in a half century of space walking that men were not part of the action they insisted they were just doing their job after years of training following in the footsteps of women who paved the way the maker of zantac is now recalling a popular heartburn treatment after federal health regulators warned about a potentially dangerous contaminant in the drugs the food drug administration said last month it detected low levels of a probable cancer causing chemical in zantac and related generic drugs to treat ulcers and reflux disease the same chemical has been linked to dozens of recalls and prescription blood pressure drugs in the past year drug makers Sanofi says evaluations are ongoing but made the decision to conduct a voluntary recall due to concerns an internal test results CVS Walmart Walgreens and write a have already pulled the intake products from their shelves I'm Joe Ramsey an Amtrak train struck and killed a pedestrian today in the Norwalk area of the north bound Amtrak train hit a person about nine AM as it was leaving the Norwalk Santa Fe springs station bound for Los Angeles.

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