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For the waiting. I did saturday night. Football in norman this week. West virginia faces heisman hopeful quarterback spencer rattler number four oklahoma that seven thirty eastern on abc. And the espn app. Right now the time for a little segment we call weekend storms. We're going to talk about a team or player that impressed us in week three. Also tell me david and harry why you expect. It might continue going forward. David review the florida gators. I know they've all. I know i know what i was. I was impressed with what. I saw the hill alabama ninety one yards rushing. Outgained them by over one hundred ten yards like this is. This was an impressive especially the way they start. It was twenty one to six before you could blink. And they fought back and gave alabama all they could handle. I don't think florida's going anywhere. I think they did a really good job this weekend. And i think they'll continue that throughout the season. David i'm going with fresno state here. Look they were obviously pick early in the season. To upset oregon. They didn't do it but they did. Hang with them and then obviously this weekend they beat. Ucla one of the hot teams from early. In the season. I love this team. Jake hainer was playing through some pain. Great quarterback at the very worst. They've shown that they can hang with every single team the pac twelve. I think that they should be the favorites in the mountain. West speaking of pac twelve south champions ladies and gentlemen. Put your hands together for the byu cougars arizona arizona. Utah may gone. Be what you want to start to the season. Darren hall is absolute. How do you replace a a quarterback all time. Great quarterback top ten pick. From a year ago jared hall running around making plays. Byu congratulations on the stars. And harry. they ain't going nowhere they ain't and you know who else ain't going anywhere. Dj graham this interception. Look i understand that. He probably shouldn't have grabbed that football because of field position matters. I do not care. This play was incredible. It is an extension showing. How beckham's catching twenty fourteen on sunday. Night football changed the game and it was just an incredible incredible play. These are the types of place that oklahoma is going to be making during the season if they are going to contend for the college football playoff all right. I got you wind coastal carolina. Way to go umass up next seventy eight people. We're back tomorrow fairly be buffalo. Espn college football. Podcast is now five days a week owes curb streets and pollock kevin. Gandhi are back. Joined this year by matt. Barry paul finebaum booger mcfarland. Joey galloway and me three when we get reaction monday mornings two ranking reviews on tuesday nights.

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