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Do we want oh it's so late in the gal i feel bad dan answered this lease maybe we should maybe put it out there for our listeners dancer can't do can't do it employee's and social media do you think she's waiting for an answer for yes i'm worried yes so we've let her downs what's happened now she's still hopeful geez i feel bad never give up never give up never give never no retreat no surrender what are you doing what are you doing i'm doing a doctor who quit what are you doing no retreat no surrender is a nineteen eighty six film that that has spring thing song no who is that no it's has jean claude van damme in it and he plays a soviet karate guy who's the bad bruce springsteen song called no surrender no retreat baby different song i different thing yeah no jay's growing up badlands no surrender junk claude van damme yeah is he the treat from belgium what's his name what's his that's him what does the welsh terror no what's his name i've carved giant what do they call them j c v d he's belgian d you think cream for that now i don't did the muscles from brussels brussels sam proud with gout the european that's always peeing his real name he was born and camille friend swamp van varenberg see wondering short into john claude van damme i mean oh maybe an sewer loof.

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