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Ringer dot com in written form, so you can go find our coverage of that and other baseball topics there before we start the show itself. I did want to say right off the bat to send our best wishes to David Ortiz in his family. The former Red Sox D H was shot in the Dominican Republic over the weekend. He's currently recuperating in Boston After multiple surgeries. So I'll be talking about that in a little more detail with Emma bachelor in Sports Illustrated in just a bit. But I did want to extend our best wishes to David Ortiz and his family upfront before we get started. But for now let's head onto Zach cram and the ringer. LB show. So my first guest is as always sat crammed, but this week he is trivia champions. Zach Cran Zach why if it isn't trivia champion. Michael bowman. Hello. Yes. So for those of you who haven't seen us bragging about this on Twitter. I play bar view with my wife and another couple here in Kalamazoo, and we qualified for the state semifinals for sparkle, live, trivia, and all three of my teammates were at a town. So I called to Zach who lives, a couple of hours away in my moment of need. He was gracious enough to drive in from Illinois. We went to the trivia, semifinals and we finished first at of what twenty two teams. Yeah. So we are now on our way to the state, the Michigan state championships in our out side of Detroit next week. So we will keep you updated on our progress, particularly if we win. So we almost missed a baseball question. So let's let's kick that off. So. So are we. We want to give the question to the listeners. Yeah. Let's give the question listeners. The question was Nolan Ryan played twenty seven seasons for four different teams. And if you rank those teams by how many seasons he spent with each one name one of the top two which will give you all the moment to think about that. And this lady, he question, which, I guess, on some level. It is. But I mean this was our thought process Nolan Ryan, obviously didn't play that long with the Mets. So we eliminated the Mets right off the bat, and then after that he played roughly equal periods of time with the Astros. Angels rangers. And so we ran into trouble is we couldn't remember exactly which year he joined and left the Astros because we weren't alive. Then so we thought about it and ended up guessing the angels was the angels, and the Astros was the final question. So and. Truly more relief than anything else because if we had gone all that way, and then missed the baseball question we might have had to retire from this podcast. Yeah. We got a movie question right for with on the final question, which is for all the toasty does. And we were very relieved that we could ever look, Sean fantasy in the eye again because if we'd missed that with in a collection, I don't think there is any coming back from that, so, yeah, I really enjoyed watching you get into it. Zack is, is, as a mild mannered a personality in real life as he seems on the podcast. And you really got the, you know, you got the blood pumping, you're sweating a little bit. There might have been on one occasion. We had gotten, I think the first eight questions, correct. And then Michael, who is wearing a hat turn the hat backwards. I think because it was really hot in the bar. And then we miss the next two questions and during the intermission, I said, you better bare nightrider, don't notice you turn your head around it, worked it did we've now bragged for, I think like three or four minutes. And I think that's far too self-indulgence. So we're going to skip ahead to two baseball talk. Which you seem very amused by the all-star voting. So let's start there. What is so funny about the, the all star vote totals? So I think.

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