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Clinton. His hammered by Ernie grab rabbi pocket right corner for certitude right point back toward Ernie right circle. Keeps moving Callahan right corner, right circle. Ernie just went behind him and Nola Chari will counter maybe three two for Boston. Charley up the middle across the blue line, right circle. Nordstrom shooting wide, right. Rebound. Bacchus pucks. Skipped over stick. At the left circle on pocket. Well, maneuvered out of his own pocket. Looks to make play for Ernie already tied up a bit with Bacchus podcast cattle tap it back for Sergeyevna lightning at newly four minutes in no score Sergeyev in front of the lightning. Now short pass point point cuts up the middle of the center across the blonde kucherov rate point a path walked by Marshon cleared out. Help circuit for Kucha, physical Johnson at point open in front. Couldn't get on the puck now point in the left corner. Kuchar up. Visa for Johnson open on the slide? He put it over the net. Here's point left circle rate in point prices slided in finance knocked away by McEvoy lightning player was dumped point in the neutral zone. Here's Marsh Ed across trying to come in on a breakaway any back wide. Right. That was posted to being offside point was interfered with on the initial original rush up the ice neither was called. But the shot from our point back up the middle. It's center crossed the balloon right circle point pulls up makes a little move into the right corner. Joseph Joseph back in the right corner. Right. What to turn back right circle Joseph. Visit their kid battling creates you to try to hold it. Any least slowed up crunchy finally, spins it out to Brandon Carlo at center pedals into the lightning zone Carlo right circle. Puts it for crazy, right circle. Shot on that saved us Leschi. Here's turn acolyte near corner slamming into mcdonagh in the far corner little feat, colonial acquaint fumbles, it points out long shifts still out there, grabs it and drops it off for mcdonagh back in front of lightning net point finally got off the ice. Here's Chernick three four checkers are in the lightning. And for the Bruins goes back to mcdonagh finally walks it out to center Ryan mcdonagh backhands it in deep on the Boston early five hundred minutes in no score. John More the Bruins in his own near corner at high in the air back to lightning ice Rueda at it actually coming on bass left. He didn't play in Bassey just sticks it out of the zone regrouping at center, ice, Charlie. Coyle. Coil will muscle in Ruda. Her is it around the far side four Polat. Gets on his forehand. And lifts it down the S for Miller. Good play by Conor Clifton though to block the pass. It's loosened the neutral zone, Anthony Sallee swats it in Clifton of Boston left wing. Danton Heinen makes his way to the center ice circle. Flutes it in. Hainan pursues, four checks Torelli has it. I though for Miller in that air corner back up the middle. It's Brandon Colbert out to center ice right wing plot. We'll double the lightning right there. Hi, heart hit from clipped, and look like might have been an elbow that in call. It a lot did dump it in Chris Wagner, the other way Wagner the middle. Hainan dissenter into the lightning zone is stripped by stamp goes stamp goes emerges with the puck. You still on his own end to Coburn on the left wing right wing, Ernie etc. Ernie we'll toss it in a chase. No score. In the first Ernie after the puck in the right corner is tied up by John More Nola Chari, try to step clear. Stamkos applies a poke check on him. Battle and Ernie who's going to intercept it in the left corner goes back to Cobra of the right point rather circuit tip at the right point Sergeyev at the center point right point Callahan. Cross..

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