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Hey ryan what is it about a cockroach that makes an indestructible nuclear war thanks you know it's hard to answer that question we do know that they've been around for millions of years and there's always that that saying that even when everything else is dead there's still be a roach walking around on the earth they're just an animal that has built up a incredible resistance bacteria different types of viruses which is why they are found in dead and rotting things and why they can feed on those things without dying themselves much like rick potato mitch you're on with ron mcgill zoo miami go ahead meant hey ron i live next to the shawny national force if you're familiar i was driving through about a month ago and alicea loop town and ran headfirst into my car why would it do that 'cause they're dumb why do you say things you know you you have to stop using such harsh words when describing wildlife then why did it happen it happened because probably he saw a mouse running across the road at the same time and then got blinded by headlights of the automobile and was disoriented and unfortunately had a collision there dumb dan burr brian eric you're on with ron mcgill of zoo miami go ahead eric i run i wanted to ask if you saw the video of the wyan tacking that sanctuary owner in south africa and second question what age do you have or what age can line still get close with it without it being dangerous it's not as much an age as it is a size and by law in the united states usda doesn't now that does not allow contact with any line over twenty five pounds so unless you're specifically permanent for that generally speaking listen i've said it many times an all saying taken out and a lot of the wild you can't take the wild out of the animal these animals can turn in a heartbeat you know a lion that's up to fifty pounds is probably not going to kill anybody but it can do a lot of damage to you and certainly kill a child that's that's without saying but having said that i'd say fifty pounds is the limit before i would ever think of any lion that i would ever want to get in with taylor you're on with ron mcgill zoo miami go ahead.

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