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A joint project between cambridge and harriet. What universities believes that an electric roads system could put all but the most remote parts of the uk within reach of the trucks by the late twenties thirties at a cost of nineteen billion pounds. Compare this with the one hundred. Seven billion and rising cost of the ages to high speed rail line which is now expected to link london to coming out onto ghoneim further however that is robust debate within the road. Transport industry is some believe that batteries are viable solution while others advocate the use of hydrogen fuel cells electric. We'll present technical challenges while an electric train picks up power from an overhead conductor and completes the circuit via the wheels in the metal rail road. Vehicles will need to access to overhead cables for the two ends of the second copay. Tricky at motorway junctions and exits an overtaking could be impossible and finally writing in the daily telegraph. Allegra stratton the prime minister's spokesperson on cup twenty-six explained how we can all help tackle the climate emergency. Don't rinse dishes before putting them. In the dishwasher she advises put your brand in the freezer unconsidered walking rather than driving to the shops amidst house of criticism for all sides luke polar. The shadow environment secretary told the independent. The product is on fire and we all living a climate an ecological emergency. If the government's best answer is rinsing dishes we are in serious trouble. I take allegra ideas. We'll go down well with the drowning chinese. The indians carried away by mudslides. The europeans whose homes have been washed away or the north americans whose homes have been destroyed by wildfires. Okay so what should the message be. First of all. It's estimated that seventy percent of global emissions can be attributed to just one hundred companies. Only governments can act effectively at that level at the consumer level. Think carbon as. I've said before everything you eat us. All where has come footprint. Yep even the water used to rinse dishes as a carbon footprint bound up in the purification distribution crisis added sewage recovery and treatment but gets exemple poche driving to the shop so have a far far larger footprint at the things which are really make a difference attorney daniel heating or hair conditioning and avoiding flying an urging governments to take far more effective action than we as individuals count on our own. And that's it for this week. Well no because there will be another one on. Friday is august but this year. The sustainable futures are still goes on. I'm climbing to take a break in september as we approach edition number three hundred fifty having said that yoke environment week takes place in september. I'm hosting to panel discussions which will be relayed on these sustainable futures report more detail shortly. Don't miss out hit the subscribe button.

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