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To say the three most anticipated words in Niche Basketball podcasting because of my guests identity today so I will start by saying. What back what up blow good to see you I'm glad we're not just talking, but seeing thanks to the wonders. Of Technology. How. I'm good I I'm I'm fine. It's all things considered I'm fine. I'm lucky I'm fine. Everything's good I I am not as lucky as you. Because you had a speaking role in your own voice in game of zones I did not get to speak my lines about the swamp dragon I one of the Malou. Brothers did that for me. You've got to speak your I think you did I like like? Be Be not quite a I'm not ready to like line you up for regular voice work in different accents, but like decent I was. Kinda hoping for an emmy, but maybe that's too much to ask for my my acting debut, but a be I. Mean I'll take that I have no acting background. I faked one of the worst British accents person could come up with. But Yeah I got the voice myself in game, Abso-. Career Highlight Zach like that like I could retire right now, and there's nothing left to do. There's nothing to accomplish like like a Pulitzer. Who Cares about a I got voice myself. And game zones with a bad British accent. I don't know how it's going to get anybody. Is there like a six hour outtake reel of you? Who may going the line or trying different variations of the accent and like them having to take breaks? Because you're so badly, you don't let. Let's just take five becks. Bets take five back. They gave me the line. Months ago right before the shutdown and I had said. Do you want me to do this in here? Like in their studio in front of them, which I thought that was going to be too self conscious, so I did it at home. and. I pro- I probably just because I'm. A crazy person I did do probably like twenty takes sitting here at this very desk. Trying to get it exactly right and figuring out what my tone was, and my cadence was. Yeah I mean listen if you're only if you're gonNA, get one acting line in the history of your life for a beloved animated Mash up of the NBA and game of thrones. You better nail it right so but be I'll take. There are a lot of basketball fans in the comedy world, many of them are involved in projects that are in various stages of incubation that are about basketball right there I like none of these really ever been made public a couple have and then they start and stop because this is how movies work apparently their ideas that sit there and scripts that sit there for fifteen years and I've told them all. If there's a press conference seen, just let me be one of the reporters. Wear the stupid hat like the stupid old school reporter hat and I'll raise my hand. Question question and it just let me be that guy and as I. don't care if the question is dumb. Just Gimme that opportunity. I have always wanted to do that as well. Going back to I think it was the movie and Bill Paschke and some of the other LA reporters maybe Steve Springer guys the LA I remember being in one of those scenes, and even getting to like do the getting one of the. And like being able to shout out the question, and you get your one moment in there. And I think it was the Ali movie and. Then I thought. That that would have been the life goal, but game of zones. You know I'll take on the other hand while you did not voice your own voice they did nail. A Great Zach Ism within that, so can we. Can we talk about how Russell Westbrook is attacking US right now? That was pretty good. I have to say and I got a good death. Anyway. The reason you're on this podcast is because. You just posted one of your one of your Beck one of your back. Stories are Beckett too long or history of game, seven of the two thousand Western Conference finals, between Portland and the Lakers, which is of course. The infamous either the famous Lakers come back, or the infamous blazers collapsed depending on your perspective culminating in the Kobe Shack Lob dunk that puts the Lakers up six. I believe in Isis. The game this has become. You can only do like one of these a year because they take a lot of work and they're it's. Even if it's a flash BULB landmark game from twenty years ago, it's still twenty years ago in the public appetite for twenty years ago is not ever going to be as strong as for what's happening right now, but I love to these stories. I just did one in conjunction with the last dance on game seven between the Pacers and the Bulls in nineteen ninety eight. And I. I love it because. All these years later, the participants are much more willing to actually tell you the truth about what happened behind closed doors, and be candid about how they were feeling, and what they remember I love it because it gives you a chance to really like I was much more interested to talk to. The Pacers been the Bulls and I think you probably as much as your story was about Shaq and Kobe come together for this moment that signified the cement partnership and gave them a pathway to a three peat. I bet you, or is it more excited to talk about the Blazers? Because the losers are always more interesting to talk to just to get their perspective, and like the degree to which they still feel that heartbreak, twenty years later is. It just seeps out of your piece. Yeah, so. The heartbreak. Part of it is interesting so I talked to Mike Dunleavy senior. I also got Mike Dunleavy. Junior high did not end up using my apologies to Mike, dunleavy junior, but he was sitting on the bench for I. Think Four of the seven games were behind the bench. No Way, yeah, you could see him in the highlights, so if you watch especially game seven Mike dunleavy junior sitting there. He's like nineteen years old. Just finished his freshman year at Duke. And I figured he was a great perspective because he witnessed all this so but I ended up with just so much great material I couldn't use, but I talked to. You Got Scottie Pippen and Damon Stoudamire. Steve Smith Greg Anthony. So had five players plus Dunleavy, senior and junior, five of the Lakers in a quick exchange with Phil Jackson. Who did not participate vote very much. So because I had so much, there was a lot that. Had To? Decide to take out but one of the through lines with the blazers that single person to a man. Without even asking most in most cases said I've never watched that game and I'm never going to watch that game. It's just too hard. It just too much heartbreak. It still pains me to this day because they're all convinced that. If they won that game, they would have won the championship and maybe more than one championship and the Lakers. Don't disagree with that. The Lakers also yeah. They were that good. Yeah, they would have beaten. India and Lynn team was awesome and I. Remember in ninety nine. When they built that team when they acquired pippen, and they were going to run twelve deep in the. We're GONNA play all these like giant IW lineups, and like the like Damon Stoudamire doesn't even play the fourth. They don't play a point guard. The entire fourth quarter of this collapse will talk about I love that Portland team and I had a friend in college out to Lindsey. Moore, who was a huge Lakers fan and we made a bed. Before the season started that the blazers would get further than the Lakers and I took the blazers. Think we bet fifty bucks. And then we kind of lost track of each other, and and obviously the bet came down to this game, and was feeling feeling myself in the third and fourth quarters like I'm going to win this bet I'm going to get in contact. Lindsey and get my fifty bucks and I reached out to her on facebook that she if she remembered this after reading your. She doesn't remember it..

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