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So what we're going through all of us all of us of what we're going through right now with this whole corona virus thing it's so important to concentrate on what we do have on what we have not had taken away from us and one of those things of course is each other we can't see each other like we normally do but we still have one another and families been huge and our pets yeah they have been any no I I think this next bit that we're going to talk about is interesting Mindy and it's because you know we're facing a fact that we might not be able to gather like we normally do for Easter either that's probably a good chance of that yes and and with that there's a lot that will miss out on but but this storyline they were about to share it's going to make you smile did it make you want to celebrate I think it's a fantastic one we told you about this last week because it hadn't happened yet but the voting was over there was a dog from Ohio named lieutenant Dan named lieutenant Dan because lieutenant Dan they call Lou only has two legs and lieutenant Dan was up for the Cadbury candy mascot he was one of ten finalists I mean how big of a deal is that to be a finalist for this Cadbury AEG advertise with that we've known for what they advertise around for what twenty five years thirty years ago for the log every time I it's not a dog usually it's a bunny it's a cat it's whatever but this I know you're thrown here I'm like what you like what would we had all different animals you must not listen last week there was all kinds of animals up for this the ten finalists okay but we found this because we thought it was cool lieutenant Dan being from Ohio one of the finalists well now we know that lieutenant Dan what is so on the line is there anyone else only a few weeks here with us right now is Laura Pearson lose owner Laura congratulations to you and lieutenant Dan thank you we are so excited so what does winning mean like what's happening now like what what how do you guys go from here what's planned right now it's a lot of just talking to everyone who's really excited to learn about him and meet him and talk more about him he will hopefully eventually get to the film could be in a Cadbury commercial we are being very aware of everyone the fifteenth though that filming hasn't been able to happen yet like it usually wide but it will be happening that then you'll eventually be in one of the Cadbury commercials as well we are induces studio right now and boots has his dog with him right now and we know how important dogs are all level tell us a little bit about lose background Lou was born with two legs right here's one of all four we will when he was born he due to unknown circumstances was born with severely severely deformed hind limbs that weren't able to be saved and weren't usable from the time he could walk he was already walking around on two legs and trying to carry the weight of his deformed back leg yeah we we made the decision after multiple medical specialist but that in a lot of testing to have them amputated at six months of age to help him does he have a little sets of how to get around that he works walks on his front paws I assume and I want a handstand hops yes No Way there's video you've got a good one and it's like a little wagon on the backside of the buzz around on the party's adders that he does have a wheelchair use that he likes to go on adventures we do a lot of hiking he keeps up with my girls who are for like a dog and he uses we offer hiking walk to work during the city but in the house he likes to be up and down and rolling around like any other dog so he walks around on two legs in the house he's actually buzzing around me right now as a you know they talked about what he was eating a treat you guys had him eating a treat from winning the contest I I take it that was like a little prize for right it was we had to cut a cake made for him with all natural ingredients very excited like.

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