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And my son whose five turned to me without thinking and said you don't want food to learn a lesson back at you don't understand the trickle down dad of what you're the your immature emotional response late last month good work dad awry we got we got cures to the mahorn okay great hike here stan laurel i i so what was a challenging question you were asked by your child well it was funny because he is that he what he's not done he's among the pain and he just acne this last summer there was a bird now that had baby birds in it and eventually that we thought we'd look at it every couple of days and see the progression and one day the baby birds were gone and so she said mom do you think baby bird um leave with their sibling or do you think they just all go off on their own way when they go let's stop the nuts one and i said well i don't know um paid i think they probably all go on their own way because they have to go get food and that kind of thing and then but the funniest thing is a few said okay so andrew has big brother he so sets so andrew baby bird at me the left comeback mean he's around but he's older and has its own life and so it was acute moment kinda like oh through your fen upset full fulltime cause andrew left look at a full need i thought you man that he was baby birdied as in his brother chewed his food that's why last malcolm comments reverting um you know you to the food and then you baby burdette you put it into the baby birds mouth why happy to hear that that was not the case and in fact it was a very cute story yeah instead he was just abandoned sacks yeah better at happy all as every one of your any and it's my talk on a seven one good times thank you i you know what my father would have said look it up oh yeah look out lima l look it up so he may do the work especially variable now related imagined i mean your follow just be nsa day saying google googly built do your kids know how to google they do not okay so there yet i guess you'd have to spell google hear a couple more when.

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