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Thank you and up next more on day. Two of the texas house. Democrats in washington and other developments in. This week's political roundup is houston matters continues. This is houston matters. I'm craig cohen. We continue our discussion about day. Two of the state house democrats walkout from the special session as well as other developments in politics in this week's political roundup joining us today. Mark jones political science fellow at rice university's baker institute for public policy and brandon rotting house professor of political science at the university of houston and co host of news. Eighty eight sevens party politics program. Gentlemen good morning So i i suspect you were both listening in. We were talking with both representative wound representative middleton and also dr dixon about the texas house. Democrats walk out. And i guess where i want to start with. The two of you is. How does this end brandon. Any ideas it ends. I think badly for probably both groups. This is made everybody look a little bit foolish. Republicans hoped to get a lot done. They may have bitten off more than he could chew. And now they're having to face these sorts of consequences for democrats. They're gonna get a lot of pushback from their district on these issues are gonna get pressure to get back to work. As the eruption middleton said so i think both sides are going to get a lot of slings and arrows on this the way that these events in the past has been through negotiated settlement. There's been enough goodwill in the chamber to be able to encourage the were members to come back if sometimes it's about just the need to work in move through differences or maybe there specific policy objectives that they can agree on it. Sounds like there's a compromise that could be had here in republicans obviously drawn a line in the sand. Democrats are staying away until they get a better news. But i think ultimately it's going to have to end with some kind of compromise mark. What do you think. Chance for compromise in this i think either. A compromise or tacit surrender by democrats may perhaps in the middle there so when democrats this. They had several goals. What is to china national spotlight on texas. They've succeeded another was to raise money for both the current Democratic party as well as the twenty two campaign By that and then a third would be to try to push the national congress Senate to pass the four. The people active national level electoral form. They're gonna fail later. And then the final would be extracted. Some concessions from texas republicans on the election reform legislation. And as i think brandon. The there's probably gonna be some movement bear. So i would suspect that while they may stay out for this special session that ends on august. Six great app is going to call. One is going to start on august. Seventh and i would hope that they will return then. A republicans democrats can work out their differences pass a legislative a budget for the legislature which otherwise will go unfunded as of september first. And maybe get a little other business done..

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