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Status quo and the status for here chris craft's pushing this policy christian theocrat are reacting to muslim via classes i'm sick of all the damn aircrafts what making this war in the middle east and i'm just sick of the theocracy well yeah yeah you can be you can tell on just sick of it all nice and then we'll nasty mean people but at some point you got to be able to distinguish the last time i was in the west bank a few years ago and they schools so the equivalent your in milwaukee they quivalent of the milwaukee school board in the west bank was running a competition for its grade school is on why i want to be a martyr right in other words a you were to write an essay or a poem on how you wanted your body to detonate into thousands of pieces while you're killing jews i went into a convenience store like yeah seven eleven or your quick crap at the gas station and they and they were proudly displaying the march where the week behind the people descend are just going to get a a diet coke and the you know whatever the palestinian the equivalent of a mars bars and and they will they nice and having a pleasant chitchat but behind the counter there's like the march the a week award pinned up that you have to even though i'm you know i'm like i'm a i'm an advanced secular humanist and i deplore all theocrat whether it's some beasley american right wing evangelical christian or whether it's these guys selfdetonating all over the middle east but in the end jerry you gotta be able to distinguish between the achey theocrat because some icky theocrat sir west than other icke aircrafts thanks for your call we will take more straight ahead on the rush limbaugh show you're listening to the network i'm pat this is the.

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