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The tony kornheiser show is on now later the show we will reveal did marcus get the hockey stick or not this is the authenticated certified hockey stick that graydon hopi used to turn away that goal attempt yes shamed the course of the stanley cup final it may not be the actual stick but i'm going with that for a while proven proven otherwise we will definitely you prove to save and it drove trots out of town so we will see later in the show markets will make yet another appearance even though he has failed to get us rips from the from the ronnie but the best ribs i've ever had a g mcmanus's here barry's for lugo in a rare appearance not chasing ice somewhere is here michael kornheiser is here bill is in his sitting in case we have any legal issues today nigel will run the board nigel do the news we are at shatter big breakfast graph jingle people what is in the crowd it is christians thirtieth birthday today or something close to that maybe eighteenth birthday doesn't really matter we're at the corner wisconsin jennifer streets northwest and friendship heights this jingle fest weekend we're gonna do the show not just tomorrow but friday as well because because it's jingle festive we're going to have a lot of people in here who listen to the show i made a horrendous scheduling mistake about tomorrow morning which may cost me the gym considering all the people that are gonna want pictures and it's my it's nobody else's fulled note i world it's nobody else's fault but mine let's start let's start with something it's sort of morpheus it's i was i'm watching television i'm not going to start with the nets get to the nets at some point but i'm watching television and i realized because i watch espn because they pay me and i watched voluminous endless coverage of the nba draft i realized that that is tomorrow night the nba dram my feelings on the nba draft are different than most people in my business i don't have the reverence for the nba draft that other people have any more and the reason for that is and i say that because this is a function of my age and the changing way players are selected to play professional sports it certainly in the nba these are teenagers like we don't know anything about them we don't know their mental makeup we barely understand them physically 'cause they're not lebron was ready kate most are not they're not ready they're teenagers this one kid michael porter jr on whom it's possible the entire draft hinges played two games that's all he played you have to get lucky kyri irving dupleix parts of seven or ten games turned out to be as advertised but you don't know jalil okeafor played a whole season right everybody thought he was a he can't get a job in the league three years later they're teenagers you don't know when people sit down and write about who you should pick beyond one or two day oh no that kid the kid who's the most interesting kid in the draft only because we've never seen him luca danni chick you don't know i'm watching these guys on television see i can't believe he's not going one he's done everything there is to do he's the greatest player ever out of europe well okay it's not because they're convince ke's the greatest player ever because actually played twenty years in the league this kid you don't know the quality of competition he's playing against you don't know you wanna like sure thing marquel foltz local kid to matha high school one year in college at washington where he i don't know one two game this is not this is not baseball this is a sport where one out of five has much greater influence on what a team is going to do he's pick number one he can't play he cannot play basketball in the nba he is injured you need to know now because he's going to be available do you take a chance on somebody who may be fried mentally after this particular year that he had and it was injured and can't shoot interest no we just don't know he seem like you were going i.

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