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Of tomorrow head to planet them dot com. Today, planet him or big ideas and mobility are born. This is marketplace. I may me Scott. Some eighty thousand chemicals are registered for use in this country, so you might be surprised to know the government has banned only five chemicals in the last four decades because of health risks. A couple years ago, congress beefed up the toxic chemicals law and the government made plans to restrict the use of one dubbed t. c. e. the EPA considers a human carcinogen, but under the Trump administration, that effort has been delayed from the marketplace. Sustainability desk got tongue reports from the town of Beaverton. Oregon outside Portland, a man. Evans, Healy remembers her dad having one of the best jobs 'cause it was at the toy factory. He was creative director Pacific -ly at the view, master plan that side of Portland, it made those red three d. picture viewers that were once the rage Jimmy's me at the site. It's now a strip mall, but from the nineteen fifties to the nineties. It was a toy, fantasy land. One day we all gathered in the front employee parking lot, and helicopter landed and Mickey Mouse and Pluto, Donald Duck, gut out. And that was huge later in her car. She says her father worked there more than two decades. And then in two thousand one, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. And he said, well, not feeling too well, and I think it's related to the water I drink at work three years prior the factory announced that its water was laced with toxic chemical trichloroethylene or c. e. the factory closed in two thousand all across industrial America. TC has been used to clean grease off. Pieces of machines and auto parts and toys for two decades. At the view, master plant the workers dumped the use, chemical on the ground were leaked into the drinking water. Well, that's according to a two thousand four federal report. It just was worse case scenario. We found out at thanksgiving, two thousand and one, and he passed away shortly after Valentine's Day. This report from the agency for toxic substances and disease registry. Estimated up to a quarter million view. Master workers may have been exposed TC, federal and state studies have found TC links to cancer elsewhere at the Camp Lejeune marine base in North Carolina and a toxic dump site in Massachusetts. That's the subject of the movie, a civil action, starring John Travolta. He plays a lawyer for pollution victim seeking restitution money. I'm not going to just throw out numbers so you can say no to them, you'll have to come up with the number eight million. But at the Oregon view, master plant just five workers got settlement money from the company in two thousand eleven as including the family of Amanda, Evan. Healy, she says, others didn't sue or that the statute of limitations ran out. How do you think about all the families who didn't get anything? I feel horrible. I, I really, really had hoped to do a lot more. I still hope someday that something can be done. One of those something's to her is banning TC, use the EPA declared it a human carcinogen Beck in twenty eleven in two years ago at proposed a ban for certain uses, including cleaning metals, which became a problem for some companies, toxic chemical expert. Jason Marshall at the university of Massachusetts, Lowell, says, companies have long loved this chemical. They didn't have to think about what they were doing with the cleaning. They just dropped it in and came back and it was clean and many companies have invested in pricey degreasing machines that use TC when they have the large piece of equipment that caused the millions of dollars, they're not willing to drop that solvent if they've just purchased this chemical industry, lobbying groups challenged the position, arguing that the agencies..

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