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But he could be out of why I don't know speaking of safety. I was thinking about this in the way in. I think that'd be great data safety. How about Landon Collins? Is there any way they would trade him to the eagles? Probably not unrestricted free agent after the year. Yet who builds around? It's like did they need they need a lot. They need a lot more than Landon comrades eighty draft picks. But what what would you give up for a rental safety from the giants? So it's a weird trade is a weird trade. It's unfortunate with the same division when they draft. He came out chip was still here is that. Right. I think everyone wanted him. That's all I remember. I remember the eagles like because there were some Elliott who's coming out with his eight o'clock landing a loved him during that trap. And I don't think I the thought was he didn't fit in that too. Slow is more of a box safety. I think Jim Schwarz's defense. They would use them. And plus he's much different player. Now. He's the giants have three really excellent players and everything else is terrible. They have three players that are easily the top five of their position the holy. And the rest of the team is just garbage, Sarah. It's unbelievable. But I mean, he's a he's an he's of the year the eagles NIA safety. I dunno. No one's brought it up. I kinda thought about it today. It's an interesting take. I, you know, I think that the next couple of weeks will be very telling for the eagles in terms of what they could pursue. Because everyone just seems to assume it's a running back. I think the eagles should take their time. And wait right up to the deadline and say, okay, this is actually our Necas how he's not gonna make three trades. He's gonna be one probably a couple of needs. If you want to go back like it's running backs a need wide receivers a need defensive tackles a need. But what's the biggest needs two weeks from now he's got two more weeks to think about it might be it might be? And we don't know if Matt. There's a chance mccown's and or Mike Wallace could come back. I don't know they have to figure out the prognosis on those guys. Here's what I know. JJ knock coming back Sidney Jones a couple of weeks like that's kind of to figure out. What's our biggest need? And what could actually help us from the roster. We have who might be coming back that we'll find out over the next couple of weeks eight hundred seventy nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine for your T. And Verizon wireless cell phones. I'm not ready to pronounce the eagles fully back yet. Are you? We'll talk about that. And I gotta talk to the other side about why lane Johnson last night. He was worrying me. But man that that last night totally won me over eight hundred seventy nine nine four nine four sports radio ninety four WIP.

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