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The game rather the second half for airforce it's on he and army will have the basketball twenty two seconds on the shot clock well this is the first possession of the second half for the black knights trail by seventeen then bounded to brown in the corner right she finds it back inside for a banker off glas that's good bye Sabrina hunter she just muscle her way along the baseline and leaned in and banks at home with the right hand thirty nine twenty four airforce animal free throw line step back to point of no good read honest pull down by the black knights with the loose basketball is hunter hunter will bring it up floor by herself and turning around when it left in the corner to bone who drives bounces it through on the bass line to the corner to hunter who carried the basketball no no Paul go and put your stupid up in sports four quick points by hunter and it's a thirteen point airforce lead thirty nine twenty six nine minutes to go and now dribbling the basketball offer ankle his Conroe lasted and hunter picks it up for the black knights she goes the other way with the ladies it opens and Sabrina hunter with six points open the second half norm Reeves back unit down by eleven in airforce one to.

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