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That you can mix and match so for the for the boise two pairs of pants into other tops in those could mix and match opening and it was kind of khaki navy kelly town mike capsule wardrobe idea this before they even touch capsule wardrobe i'm talking with that with drainable it was it was great so so they had two pairs of pants into shirts and the girls we had a pair of pants a skirt can mix and match and then you had your swimsuit because we always state somewhere there was a swimsuit this is my number one packing essential is a swimsuit even if you're not going somewhere that the beach baking you'd never know when there's going to be a hot tub or some chance you wear swimsuits it's not the kind of thing just pick up at the corner drugstore his roommate so ended up any room in your suitcase then you had your swimsuit with a cover up and then you had your lounge wear slashed pajamas so at the end of the day came home from the beach comfy it also can across your pajamas culture that was it sounds perfect image will you know we're we're going cylinders in cancun in just a a deal this morning which was so much done today blur stopped in regard to pursue shores two pairs of shorts so doubles shorts guys get lucky running use or shorts or swimsuits can double as short yes a good to other rhode warns donald shirts you're going to love you and i can't wait immigrants ooh arming one thing fancy in south beginning impacting tips that list is actually in my book list that saved my life of course yanking just write it down because i just told you how simple and easy little by the book was that saved my life arizona angel tells you to you ccr they have the you'll hear a positive business talk but really it's a it's a we're trying to live this was filling life right lifestyle not all work in no plank taking some time off making sure that you you include these things that that fulfill you i like working on like breaking my my year down into four quarters one for business purposes.

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