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So with a bigger audience comes what more creators. So you have a lot of people now I've noticed that are coming over from different mediums from the blogosphere from the blogosphere and all these other places and they're repurposing their content. Into podcast form. I like a big marketplace. I don't WanNa be a part of a medium that's dying. But by the same token, there's all these different styles of podcasting now. And what was a podcast five years ago may or may not? Be considered in exactly the same way now. So. You know this is all a good thing. Like. I said celebrities coming in and. People. repurposing their content, it adds to a big marketplace. And I'm happy about that. Even with my own show, I have noticed that we're doing a little bit more video now. We have the bill podcast on Youtube and please check it out subscribe I'm new to that. So I don't have a big audience on Youtube but I have noticed that there's no getting around the fact that Youtube is the biggest the second biggest search engine for information. So. If I'm doing a podcast about XYZ. And people are searching for information about XYZ on Youtube. That I, want to find the content that I have created even though it's in the form of a podcast. Now, a lot of times podcasters will simply put the audio of their podcast with maybe a simple graphic or something like that on Youtube, and that's fine. I have been trying as much as possible to include some video either of me talking on the microphone maybe a picture of the guest. Recently with Tony Debris. We used zoom okay and that worked well although I'm not a big fan of zoom and skype and those things they're designed for end users. They're not really designed production tools. So I'm exploring that actually signed up with a Beta program with another company to do not only high fidelity sound. But also high definition video for remote. Interviews. So that's something I'm working on and. What's happening though with audio content? That would be my my my concern. With some of my episodes. I've noticed that I've started to lean towards video production away from the audio and I don't want that to happen too much. You know it's in my opinion what I WANNA do I wanNA create a podcasting platform? With video that will accent the audio program now in naturally there's GonNa be some episodes that just by their very nature. are going to be better suited for video. Okay. But that doesn't mean that I I wanted to get to the point where there's visual things going on that. If you listen to the audio program you're going to miss. My kind of gauge is again, the video is great and even for something that's very visual somebody's depending something that's very visual. I still wanted the rule of thumb to be if it was audio only, and if the only person who the only people who were listening to it were listening on audio, only platforms would still be getting. The value out of the PODCAST. That's that's kind of my. That's kind of my rule of thumb is if we're GONNA do a video oriented episode, it has to stand alone without any. Sacrifices as an audio program. That's kind of where. That's kind of where I'm going. I believe that the behind the scenes. is another great option. Okay. A Lot of times people just wonder what you look like or what a guess looks like and that's fine..

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