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It is my birthday tomorrow. 53. I will be 53 years old. How are you feeling? All 53 years. I'm because I'm taking my kids to camp. No pickleball this weekend. That's just going to get me just going to get me more ornery, screaming at people to get off my lawn. Because that just makes me an old man. Not what I said. What? I don't have my weekly pickleball. Thank you, Jay billis. Yesterday. Slagging on pickleball. It's just something we could beat J billis and pickleball. He's got the length. He's long, rich. The issue with pickleball for tall, big time problems. No, you're supposed to just hit it. Hit it in the kitchen. And you can step into the kitchen after it's bounced. You can get in there, but if you keep it low, low, it's low is death in pickleball if you put it high, you can just like this. Come right down. I mean, if you hit it high, it's a problem. Certainly if you try to lob it over to an issue. But if you go low, it's tough. It's tough. Rich, you know, certainly if a man of a certain age, we talked to you last week, we kind of touched on a pickleball story that you didn't hear, and then I remembered that we never got back around to it. So really quickly, in Pittsburgh, there was a story that a grandmother named Meg burckhardt had sent her daughter a picture. She went looking for a pickleball game in Pittsburgh, went up to a court, found a couple guys jumped in the game with him. She texts her daughter that me and the guy in the green shirt kicked the other two guys butts. And then she start wondering why people were asking for pictures. She's like, well, she just thought because she won the pickleball game. That's why they want the pictures. It turned out that the guy in the green shirt that was her teammate was minka Fitzpatrick. Hey. And the guys that she beat were Alex high Smith and TJ watt of the Steelers. Okay. And she had no problem. Make a Fitzpatrick is on our radar screen to join us soon. We're going to have a chat. So there are men a certain age. Aren't they too? Very young. So TJ watch playing pickleball? TJ what? Damn it. Alex hi Smith. Another big difference Patrick, is he playing pickleball? He and Meg one. Exceptions to every rule, rich. You can have your make if it's Patrick's, I'll take coach K look at that. Yes. And no clue who they were. So she and menka, she doesn't even get up to TJ's shoulder. Took out Alex highsmith and TJ watt. And the text she sent to her daughter was so I rolled up to north park tonight to jump in a pickleball game, started playing with these guys, had no idea who they were. Last game the guy in the green shirt and the other two that everyone else wanted to take our photo. And so her daughter tweeted that out on June 11th to which TJ watt responded, Meg was serving the capital letters hate. We had trouble all day. I'm telling you, you get a certain serve hit you in pickleball. It's very difficult. It's very difficult. You would not last very long playing pickleball. So the winner was of a certain age. You wouldn't. It's a very, it's a significant workout. I think you would tap out. The court is very small. Okay, great. I've never played. I'll beat you. Great. Terrific. Let's do it. Let's see it. Let's do it. It's better doubles though. Just pickleball one on one. Let's do it. I do not want Mike as a partner in anything. Let's do it. Honestly can't do anything. Honestly, you choose who you want..

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