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Because i am standing up for my freedom you love living in a democracy don't you know 'cause i don't live in a democracy so that's why it's lasted this long frankly but these little darlings are the experts on everything where are they getting the money for this this must be you know this the funding from hollywood from tom hanks and was it steven spielberg kunis clooney yeah you said the good stuff so it's pretty heavily funded and this kid is everywhere and you just can't get away from david hog and cameron caskey and i guess they've given up on school are one of them said i forget which one but one of them said that they're not going back to school until they get gun control that was haag hug yeah so he's not going back to school until gun control happens i don't need you to go back to school i just need you to hell away quite frankly i'm tired of hearing your voice i'm tired of seeing your face i want you out of my life so just shut up can march twenty four th come and go and maybe maybe just maybe we'll never hear from you again please just travel i'm so over these little jeannie ratty ass kids who have no concept of what the constitution is about what the bill of rights guarantee and how they are only able to speak like this in this country because of those rights you little punks.

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