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Welcome back everyone you're listening to one live radio. This is Bernadette with junior and our guest Jason Harris Today. He is the CO founder and CEO of mechanism and award winning creative advertising agency whose clients include Ben and Jerry's Peleton. Okay. Cupid Molson Coors and Alaska Airlines he is the author of the. National. Bestselling book the Sofa Art of persuasion which highlights the eleven habits you need to become more authentically or so fully persuasive. His website is these art dot Com or mechanism dot com, and that mechanism is spelled with a k. k. a. n.. I. S. I love the way you guys spell it. How did that happen? Oh. Well, you know we started the agency sixteen years ago and we went you know in the old days you. You'd go on and try to see if the website was taken and he had mechanism with with the C.. H. was taken right mechanism dot com was taken and we're we're like, well, it took us a year to agree on a name. Why don't we make a K. and there you go and thank God that happened because now it has a little edge to it oh. Yeah. It's not as straightforward and the has a little something something. So I really love it. I do too and necessity is the mother of invention, right? So you needed to come up with. To your book is amazing, it really is on so many different levels especially anyone out there who's just now getting out into the business world starting their own business young entre preneurs. This is basically the Bible for the future of how we all should really operate not just our businesses but our lives in my opinion which includes collaboration. So how does collaboration help with persuasiveness? Well, that's a good question and I think. Collaboration is Helps, people. Really understand. How to get people on your side even in a trivial way and when you feel like when people feel like you're on their side, your chances of winning them over jump up dramatically and when people who are naturally collaborators they tend to be effective persuaders in getting what they need to get done done and when you join forces with another person on anything, let's say a project or personnel or. Or even recreational are by definition already on the same side. So swayed someone when you're already collaborating and on the same side is a much easier than bring someone over to your side and so it's it's really just the mindset of think about collaboration as. Getting people to join your team or you're joining other people's teams and it really helps in. People understanding your views and it's a technique for people understand your position because you're you're now bound together and you in it together and I think you know I always love that that quote if you WanNa go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together I love gration to me. Yeah. Collaboration to me about going far and you know yeah, I mean before this business I have three other partners in the company that I run now I did my My own company before it was all me and I went fast and flamed out because it was no, there was no collaboration I wasn't working with other points of view I was doing everything completely the way I wanted to do it in myself and when you don't get that diversity of voices and input and collaboration, you really only get what you know things don't and change, and you only get one way of doing things and it's a real recipe to to fly and burn out. For me. Yeah. Collaboration is is the essential part of creating teamwork and being persuasive yeah it is and it brings everyone not just yourself but the whole community really when everyone's working together for our common goal even if you disagree you know and I think that's really what needs to happen in this country we all just need to come together and at least listen to one another and share stories you know I think that sharing stories is so important you do to you wrote about storytelling in your book and And sharing pieces of your life. I was at a conversation with someone that I had recently met anyway shared a little tidbit about my own life and opened the door to just like this wealth of conversation that went on for hours just from sharing one little piece of information that opened that door sometimes, people are just afraid to share right? Yeah I mean I love that where you're going right now talked about the book of. College showing some psychic skin and it's it's the ability to be vulnerable and let people know either some failure or you know I mean we talked about like going through divorces and something fun to talk about or you know having having some issue or getting fired from a job or you know start losing an account or pants or whatever it might be or not getting that deal done. Being able to talk about those things makes it okay for the other person. To have they immediately get empathy for you and they'll open up themselves to maybe more about their life and not being you know. The perfect view of of how you see them because nobody has it together and no one's perfect. No one knows totally what they're doing. But if you have that projection that that you know you're in, you're untouchable and you've got figured out the other person's GonNa try to keep up the appearance to. Be the first person. When you're an apathetic person you think that way to open up about a situation and be honest and transparent and not allows the other person to be able to be the same way and you're gonNA forge a much tighter bond instantly when you do that. And you never know what you have in common with someone until you open up, right. which leads to so many beautiful things and. There's the music. Come on here. And Now. I know. Our show is you. have to do a podcast after the broadcast sometime. All right. Very. Bernie Dad's always Austin. With you guys are the best I really appreciate. Thank you so much. Jason Harris everyone check them out at these people aren't dot com everyone. Thank you so much for listening. Again. Thank you Jason for jumping on with us today. Everyone out there. Let's be positively contagious because you get one body you got one mind and.

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