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Kickoff down the middle here. And it's a good return kind of making something out of nothing. The middle is number eighty one steal butts. Any moves across the thirty across the thirty five and up to the forty yard line here. So that is where this Lutheran earth offense will take over seven fifty one to work with her down big forty nine to twenty seven you're in the fourth quarter spent all Yale BULLDOGS here in the second half. It was twenty two nineteen game at halftime and Lutheran north was at two point conversion away at the end of the first half of them. Having a lead at halftime. And. The BULLDOGS have really taken control twenty nine two eight here on the second half. Is Lutheran north squad moves right to left in the fourth quarter man in motion to the near side. They're going to fake the hand off get that pitch. It's a little fleet flicker action here down the middle of the field. The completion down to the thirty yard line about that Trammell passes to a scandal for the first down at the thirty the big play guy. Get something going right still seven and forty three to play in this football game. And if you're Lutheran north at this point you want to try to score, but may be coming back. Not sure what the flag is down at about the forty eight yard line. Could be defensive holding. So the Mustangs will of course, decline then after the big play down field. So seven forty three still laughs here in the fourth forty nine twenty seven elite for Yale. They send trips to the right side of the Mustangs here in the pistol rolling out is bacilus go look into throw fires one into the hands of Butson on the far side extra. Scramble plan the far side to get that first down. He was hit initially at the twenty but the yak yardage of a couple will give him that I down to about the eighteen yard line after he was driven out of play by Curtis miracle. Lutheran north now on the red zone. Can maybe get a quick touchdown on the board. Seven twenty seven remaining still here in the fourth. I need something quick trips. Nearside now for basil Iskoe. He looks to throw to that far pylon. He has a wide down and that's in and out of his hands to the back of the end zone. Good coverage. Thereby the QB Jacob Cragg. The pass was intended for number twenty Gary Glaser. Junior. Why down on that fire sign? So everything holds true Lutheran will probably fall a seventy two barring a rather large comeback here in this fourth quarter, Yale would improve to five and four and have a chance on selection Sunday to get into the play offs. Not sure how likely it is. But you always give yourself a chance, you know, can aloft one to the left side of the end zone here. Turtle was looking around. I'm not sure he expected that football. It'll be thrown that quickly or even to him. He was at the goal line. The pass was to the left corner of the end zone. And if you're a fan, you just saw that skip harmlessly Ida play. Third down in ten now for this Mustangs offense. Trips to the laughs for Vassilis go here. Wants to throw again pressure from the back side is going to throw it to the left side of the end zone. Tyler trampled trying to get loose. Now. We're gonna get a pass interference real hold here on Mark Donnellan and the left side of the end zone. Travis miracle was common was coming quick for ballistic. Oh, there had to get rid of it. I would too. Are you kidding me? He's the biggest guy in the field without a doubt. So everything holds up shrine wins. Forty two to six over old Radford and the alliance Catholic credit union scoreboard, according to snooze to you dot com. Which is usually a pretty reliable source when it comes to final pairings and rankings and all that stuff. They have them getting in at five and four and the state plant. How awesome would that be for Koto and the check and his staff first year trying to get them into the playoffs with a relatively young group. That's that's very exciting for the shrine nights. And obviously have to wait till Sunday two for sure confirmed that but that'll be if that holds true that'll be excellent for that football program. Again. The prediction if everything stays the same Loyola Madison heights, Madison shrine all in the same district along with Foley. That would be insane. Sane. Inside hand off. Gains a first down. And I would say that that would be loyalist district to lose. Yeah. I mean, some on paper would say, no, that's Madison's. But just the wave loyal is playing right now. And then how? Defense. We'll see they've now played against an old line. That's is that they will see. And throw into the right side of the end zone. That is a Mustang..

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