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In a few minutes. Clarksville you're about to really get into the thick of it but the fine folks in Rolm. You're almost through it. There some light sprinkling still in the area but Roman Dalton. God bless. Y'All are going to be the first ones out of it. The rest of us are just about to get into it now when we come back. We need to do a deep dive into an attack on Bryan. Kip here in Georgia also. I will continue to take your phone calls. Eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five welcome back. It is fifty four after the hour. If you're just tuning in there is a severe thunderstorm. Warning in Carroll Coweta heard meriwether in troop counties here in Georgia South Georgia. You are not spared here Lines showers are moving in there as well into the Albany area. You'll get it as bad. It'll be worse. North at the America's areas going to have a wave coming in The Forsyth Area Monroe County here. You've got the storms or just now on the outskirts here. The full of Barnsley area. They're moving into Monroe County bibb county here very shortly Crawford County as well where Down near where I am northridge completely engulfed in the store right now. Roll all the way out of it. Athens on the way into Clarksville. All the way into it as well and up there and Raven County Getting into it right now as well heavier stuff come in. So I'll keep an eye on this When we come back I gotta get into this coverage of the governor. I've got some audio from Georgia Municipal Association meeting and need to play you the audio of parts of it and walk you through it. It's enlightening as to why. There's a panic among mayors in the state of Georgia right now and why so many? Democrats in the state are beginning to attack. Brian Kemp but before we get there Garrett kill as a pastor up at Alexandria Virginia and he has posted Zoom Commandments. Now for those of you who have no idea at zoom is zoom is video conferencing platform and a lot of businesses are now using zoom to conduct face to face meetings in fact my gym is using zoom for workouts in the woods across fit facility. And they're doing the cross workouts zoom. So everybody can still be together as a class. Thank God I pay to go. One on one Up to do nobody wants to see my fat behind doing burke's. I'm just going to tell you that now. Here is the Tin Zoom Commandments. Thou shalt not sit under a light with the family-less you incite others to have seizures. Thou shalt wear clothes. If your camera is on cover your nakedness. Which reminds me have. Y'All seen the video. It's gone viral. The poor woman in Italy who was on a business call and it was a video conference and she was dressed up to be on the call and here comes her husband in his Soccer Jersey t shirt and his tidy whitey underwear walkin past the camera and gets halfway through realizes the cameras on and he's in his underwear job. So quick care is up falling over. I was like there. But by the grace of God. Thou Shalt Mute yourself thyself if you are not speaking especially if you have sniffles or gas. Thou shalt not sit in front of a light filled window unless you're in the witness protection program if thou shalt go to the bathroom taken out others with you love thy neighbor thou shalt not private message someone gossip the host and God get to see the transcript afterwards warn others. If you're on a call less they defile the meeting with an unseemly appearance Zoom. Not with someone else in the same room. The ECHO is an abomination. Eat Not with your microphone on. It is an abomination. Be Not content with screen time face to face is better amen. I I hope there is that last one. I really do hope. There is a renewed appreciation after. We're all out of our houses that that face to face in person time matters. I had this conversation yesterday with a friend of mine about church and how badly he is missing his church community and we were both not. It's probably those of you who are in a church and you just don't really miss it Probably a sign that you have built a strong community within your church and neither neither do that or or maybe go find a church wherein you can build real community. That community matters Particularly if you're a faith your church community should matter a lot. Are you engaged with the livestream on Sundays? Or you're watching the preacher. Are you out coveting the sermons of other people? That are your pastor. The these are all things that you've got to you. Got To be mindful of because community really matters. It really does. When we come back. We gotTA talk about The in the attacks on the governor from mayors around the state and also the CEO of video angel is going to come by and discuss some livestream mean options for people who are stuck at home. That are actually family friendly for you and yours. Eric Erickson here will be back. Hello there it is Eric Erickson here. The third hour of the show. How you doing the phone number? If you WANNA be a part of the program. Eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five storms or moving through Georgia rain starting to come into middle and south Georgia West Georgia you got a severe thunderstorm. Warning in in Carroll Coweta heard weather troop counties. Rome is now out of the rain. Dalton is getting out of the rain as I speak a jasper. You're still in. Athens is about to get it. So is making and Clarksville. You're going to be in it for a while. Those of you up in in Clarion Rayburn County. You're going to get even more of it coming in Hiawassee Blue Ridge as well by Joe here the so the North Georgia mountains there've been a number of groups of they're saying we need to limit cabin rentals and access to hospitals up there starting to be overwhelmed with people and a bunch of people from the Atlanta area have decided to go to the mountains and hang out in the mountains and go to Lake Blue Ridge and They are having serious concerns their weight. Someone from the White House is is emailing me. Let's see This is Oh the EPA pushing this out right now the Department of Transportation. The EPA are pushing forward fuel economy standards right now So life is going on even in covert nineteen. I want to get away from the national stuff in. Spend some time here on Georgia stuff. If you text the word data to three three seven seven seven you're going to go to a a link you're going to get a link back and it is to Eat W Erickson DOT SUBSTATE DOT com. And it's it's a page there but if you click on the masthead you'll be able to see what I'm about to go through with you. We need to talk about the Atlanta Journal Constitution in coverage of covert one thousand nine because it has taken a decidedly anti camp political. Turn and I. There's a problem with the way it's doing it. The the Atlanta Journal has relied on an expert at emory on cove. Nineteen and the GUY is an expert. He is and epidemiologist. He is world renowned and they have shaped its coverage based on this Dr del Rio in in particular in the last two weeks they have shaped coverage of Brian kipps handling of the crisis in Georgia based on a conference. Call Dr del Rio had with the Georgia Municipal Association and I wanNA play for you parts of that audio and I'm going to do something I normally wouldn't do. I'm going to pull up the file and I've marked time stamps and I'm going to go through in the reason I'm going to do it that way is i. Don't WanNa be accused of selectively editing. DoN'T WANT TO BE A. I didn't even as early to cut it up because I want to be able to go through and and and talk about some of the stuff and play Little pieces of it for you but to understand just how much the J. C. has relied on this Dr They have relied on the doctor. in articles published March Tenth March Seventeenth March Twenty First March Twenty Third March twenty fifth. And yesterday there were one two three four five six different articles. That cited Dr del Rio from emory. My point here going into this by the way is not to attack. Dr Del Rio. There are some points that need to be made though it was not until yesterday afternoon that the Atlanta Journal Constitution after relying on Dr del Rio in one two three four five six seven eight nine ten pieces. It was not until yesterday afternoon. They noted that Dr del Rio lit his name to these. Stacey Abrams lawsuit against the government over the twenty eighteen election. He's not a plaintiff in the case. He's one of the people who allowed fair. Fight Georgia to use his name Because of exact match Dr del Rio was able to vote in two thousand eighteen. The odds are if he's lending his name though to firefight action. He does not O'Brien hip supporter. I mean who reaches out to the fair fight action people and says hey yeah use. My name is lawsuit against the State of Georgia Not Someone who's happy. Brian Kemp got elected. I assure you and the relying on him in ten. Different articles waited until yesterday to disclose that. His name is involved in that lawsuit. He voted in November. Two thousand eighteen probably did not vote for Brian. Kemp considering his involvement Stacey Abrams Lawsuit He was able to vote but he had difficulty voting because his name voter ID. Fire was del Rio de E. L. R. O. N. He actually spells it d. e. l. space our show and he says it was a hassle to vote as a result the juicy waiter to disclose that. But but let me let me get you this on March twenty third Dr del Rio was quoted in the AJC saying we need. Governor Kip to act now. The point of no return for Georgia is rapidly closing to prevent catastrophe in the healthcare system. Due to cove in one thousand nine we need for him to shut. Georgia down now and that is del Rio's position. The governor is not doing enough that he needs to shut the whole state down. Now Mind You on March Tenth Dr Rio said I think while I have the best interest of public health at hand you also have to think of economic consequences in you have to not discard those. He was advising Savannah on March tenth. That if they wanted to keep the Mardi gras or not the girl they wanted to the Saint Patrick's Day parade going. Keep the Saint Patrick's Day parade going for one thing. This is the J. C. Now for one thing. He said it's an open. Arabic for another Savannah has no cases yet the nearest diagnoses were still two hundred miles away as of Tuesday. If you want to be absolutely airtight. Don't have the event I think while I have the best interest of public health that he and you also have to think of economic consequences and you have not discard those del. Rio said now on his phone call with the Georgia Municipal Association. Del Rio said he wasn't so much concerned about rural areas of the state as he was urban areas of the state. And that's a position that allying completely with I wanNA play you some of the audio from this call so you get a sense of this. I WanNa Begin at the five minute mark in this call and you're going to hear me skipping through the call. Let me go to the five minute mark and listen to the scenario outlined by Dr del Rio to the Georgia Municipal Association on what we can expect in terms of fatalities cases. We're going to be have about one. Hundred fifty four thousand hospitals season about seventy seven thousand ice cubes used in about fifty thousand.

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