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Out. Grade. There's a party going only. Celebrate. The last round the Yes. OUTTA here. Pace Okay, yeah I, just feel like evil people live forever and I know eighty five years a great Ryan. Okay I'm not saying they. Always. Life was cut short. I'm just saying. I until just now. I thought they never died okay. Dick Cheney. The nigger from the seven hundred club seven Hundred Years Oh this so me. We'll see with Donald trump. They just live a fucking ever. So I'm just so happy that we finally have proved that even fucking died. Like. When's the last time we had this? It's been so alone. Feel like it's eighty five years. Breitbart heart attack walking down the street. That was cool. On, the Supreme Court at. died that was that was a good day. It seemed like, but it seemed like. If we lose good people every day. Every day like La. They don't kill another one like every day. Oh this got dacoven. Ain't never do nothing to nobody like that feels like every day, but then the evil people that we can celebrate. That's like once a year. Davos pat with the devil never die. Anyway that's dead. A shelter started the tradition of Ice Coalition in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, two spreader, moral code and behavioral based upon the old and new testaments. The group had a significant impact in homophobic circles in the eighties and nineties and two thousand ten, and was recognized by the southern poverty law center as an extremist group. Man You know I will learn to work for the seven poverty law center because I got easy job. I'm not hating on them our love them, but like they're the authority on who has hey group who don't? And I mean. That's gotTa be pretty easy to do. Let me Lo. Let's go to their website. What they're taught him out. Who Hate Jews, niggers and homosexuals. Hey Group Argus. Ready for him on this. Time take fifteen minute break. Website. I think I've done everything. I'M GONNA. Do today so. Your boys going to lunch early. All Right, take off! Like how do you get a raise? There's like. You found the most haters. Had to be. You have to hit the goal by what I. Wonder if there's like they're just like. The one that does the most investigation you know like how many groups are close to be the hate group, but didn't quite make it yet. Gangrene quite cross checked out a marks the like Oh. Let's see what group do they docs? Somebody okay did. Oh they were harassing people online. Okay? Wow, that is pretty bad. Oh. They call people names Oh. Wow! You know not a hate group. This is the behalf gotta let it. Go gotTA. Let us live. Not a hey, group Let's see actor hill. Harper apologizes for Miss Gender. I await on her birthday while plugging his own book. The good Doctor Star he'll harper has apologized from his gender as Iowa aid in a birthday message to her, why which he used as an opportunity to promote his book. What didn't talk about your book? Would they put that? Do What your book yet now this is also kind of interesting because. For me, personally, this is one of those people had heard his name. I didn't know who fuck was away he did you know if I would have took a pop quiz on said he sounds like a news anchor. But apparently he's an actor and. Now I will only know him for being quote canceled I. would like you know what I'm saying. I don't I wasn't a fan already so to me. It's like the first. I hear his name. I'm like. Is this your bank's name for me? While I'm like they could be I, don't know. Zaire the transgender daughter of former NBA star away turned thirteen on Friday, Heard Stepmother Gabrielle Union Marta occasion. The Celebrity Pasta on instagram celebrate Ori twelve-star instagram. Her loving pass was flooded with comments. Post I'm sorry post flooded with comments from well-wishers, but not everyone has something positive say he'll harper, who call themselves a family friend of the ways is us a moment to miss the end of the team. Happy Birthday, young man read letters to a young brother. He wrote your mom wrote something in it. You'll love it have a great day. Though They know each other according to him. He said that his apology though Harper is best now for as well as a CSI, NY homeland and limitless. Yeah. I never watched any of those shows. The also the author of several motivational self help books lead us to a young brother man e fast. Your dreams and man expelled all caps. Is specifically geared towards men, harbor has written a book for women lead us to a young sister define. Your destiny would find written. In Archaic, What How's that? Problematic not just. Like that doesn't equal up to the other like manifest you team man official destiny, so you stay man in all caps letters to a young brother like grow into a man people at fine for young system, which right because I think you. Plan. Of fine piece of ads grow into a fine piece of tail for your boy. Okay, that's what I'm trying to teach young ladies. As close. For some strange read, each suggest this desire. The shameless plug condemned by over one hundred comments cloud, whereas discussing blatant disrespect for for Malas. As criticism grew, harper virtually backtracked leading his pose. It's easier to let the apology on twitter. I would like to apologize for. My posts are responsible for it gets posted. And I made a horrible era I Miss Gender my friends, child and I'm so sorry his I in the entire way family, it is not my intention to Miss Gender. Misrepresent her in any way I celebrate Zaire as a family friend I feel so bad that I may have taken away from celebration. Zayas courage and strength is something. I celebrate and there was absolutely. Absolutely no malicious intent in my pose I'm human and I are learning. Often try to do too many things which leads to mistakes like this one I'm sorry. I'm sorry to those my post defended. That was certainly not my intention. He continued. There may child things going on in the world right now and I certainly didn't attend. My birthday was to be a negative distraction as he didn't want her to take away from a celebratory birthday. So I actually had the cows somebody about this 'cause. I honestly way, he said. In original post was so blatantly like fucked up the hours like. D He just like. Not No D.. Was it a mistake. He think this was because they also have earned. The, Sun! The. Like How You know what I mean like you ever see something that's so blatantly stupid or fucked up to July. No, no, no, that must be a mistake. Right so that's what I thought. I was like he just made a mistake like and now he. Because everybody's at home, and nobody can do sit and no one's GonNa believe him when he says my my my bad I. I did that too fast. I wasn't paying attention and then with the book. You know that he was promoting Yeah I like. Look I'll put it this.

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