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They perceived was not reality which happens all the time in human relations happens all the time that is i perceive one thing but the reality is something else in this case they perceived wrongfully that stefan clarke had a gun in his hand and the officer received that objectively because he yelled which is on the tape gun gun gun so he perceived that stefan clarke had a gun in reality it was a cell phone now when that happens the law indicates that that is not an unjustified shooting that is not a murder edsa killing but it's not a murder but that doesn't stop the activists in protesting like crazy in calling this again a murder in sacramento again in american city completely run by democrats must like baton rouge much like ferguson much like dallas much like new york city completely the democrats are in charge of hiring training and retaining all police officers and most of these areas controlled by democrats so instead of reporting the truth about what happens the mainstream media do commit these lies that clearly indicate that somehow police disproportionately kill africanamericans which objectively they do not may i continue just doing my tv show in twenty twenty fourteen in new york city and two cops remembered in new york city in two thousand fourteen ramos and liu and they were murdered by an individual who was part of some black liberation movement officers rambo lou simply sitting in their.

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