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That's what a trigger is. And what would be like an example of that? Like, if I'm developing my flow, go application or my flow, go micro service. What would be an example of a trigger? Okay. So in this case, if you're developing an application, you look at it in the sense that okay? So I wanna consume events from some source, so I wanna consume events from kaffa and I wanna consume events from M T. So calf gun 'em, Hugh, q t t or both might triggers. Okay. Those are listening on a certain calf topic not topic things like that waiting for events to come in once the event arrives at the trigger the trigger dispatches that event to a handler and the the whole purpose in life for a hand. Or is essentially to decide who processes that event. Or in other words, what action processes that event? So then a handler will dispatch that event to one or more actions, and then an action processes the event in a capability that's relevant with that particular style of event processing, so if you're processing singular event, and just maybe you're enriching the event and writing it to a data store, that's a flow. Okay. So a flow is a process is essentially a process engine that that includes things like flow control, and branching and conditional logic that allows you to take an event in process at single event. And then continue processing events says as they come in. If you wanted to do something like a stream processing than than you'd pass it to a stream action in the stream action has this notion of stateful nece that that persist over a period of time. And maybe you're aggregating something over a period of of time and things like that. You've also got the notion of of an internal channel. So the all of these individual event processing capabilities or actions can pass data from one point to another. So maybe you initially have trigger handler dispatches to a stream pipeline stream pipeline aggravates over a period of maybe fifty or whatever fifty second window does some other aggregation doesn't filtering and then passes processing over to a flow, which is said is a process engine, and that allows us to do things like check conditional logic right things to a database. Maybe we enrich the data. And then we maybe we publish that back out to another capital..

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