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Tocchet Scott use the spoilers here. Talk about what's happening on the live feeds and a busy another busy day in celebrity big brother Taryn. Okay. What's what's the latest at this hour? So. Been a lot of things happening a lot of talking him circles. But basically as soon as Tom became HR wage, he started thinking about this idea that he wanted to target Ricky when the power was announced that plan was a little bit. Like, oh, I don't know if we can do this anymore. What Ricky has the power? All sorts of things that might go wrong. So they eventually kind of landed on maybe we won't back door Ricky, maybe instead, we'll we'll put up Joey and candy and then will back door taymor thinking, maybe she has the power and then we'll flesh the power. And then we will still pretend that everything's fine with Ricky and tamer doesn't have the power. Then we'll know that Ricky has the power in that he's lying and every then we'll be able to convince the women that they need to turn on Ricky. And so there's been a lot of this. Ricky talk. Talk. Yes. So just to stay on that track. Tom Cato have discussed the Ricky talk with the women Natalie in low, and they have been like, hey is this a five personalized Susan four-person lines. What's going on here? Are we working with Ricky? Are we not working with with Ricky because we feel like we can't really trust Ricky, and maybe we should back door Ricky and Lolo is like no, I don't like that at all. We should not do that. Why are you being so paranoid? Tom Watkins, so weird and Tom. Hey, look, just don't trust. Rick very much. Maybe we should backdoor Amon Nolan Nolan. Nola Lolo, Natalie elect now, Tom crazy. What are we gonna do? We knew Ricky. And then they go warn Ricky and everything's Ricky knows Thomas is after him potentially. And that's kind of the rookie storyline. So far a little bit. Okay. In my mind. I feel like that. This is very premature to go after Ricky here with you know, that this is a, you know, a, you know, there's what? How many people nine nine in the house right now is it and you getting rid of one of your five that I mean, if Ricky got H O H is he going to put up, Tom and Kato? I don't think. So. So I think it's this is too early Terry. Yeah. I mean, basically Tom has the right idea that Ricky is in a great spot because he's in between two pairs at the final five. He also knows that Ricky doesn't particularly like him. And he knows that Ricky would definitely choose the women over that you guys. So in that regard. He's completely right? And what he's thinking through. But what he decides to do about? It is completely wrong. He is turning on this group too early. The women are never going to be okay with this Ricky is going to be super pissed. He might not even have the votes to get Ricky out. And so I mean, obviously what he should be doing is like is playing cool lying low for a little more. And then taking his shot a little bit later. That's that's kind of the move to to take here. But you know, Tom is he's. He's very all over the place. And when he has an idea he wants to talk it through, and he wants to have some fun with it. And so he's really into this one. I want to get Ricky before Ricky gets me. And so he he wants to make sure that this happens, and it is definitely blowing his entire game up here to the pleasure of everyone because this five personal lions would've absolutely run run the table these Tom hadn't blown it up here. But that's a feeling that all five make it to the end like in in fairness in celebrity big brother lefty all did make to the finale. And like the look look look at the competition. Unfortunately, you've got ta Maher who quit her competent would quit through last H competition if they get Joey out he's he's gone. No, don't worry about Joey you've got DNA and candy. It's like, yeah. I think it went must've competition. This is the right move..

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