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About it right here. This whole left. They're nothing but before using the media won't call enough for that. Use. Talk A 20 w g A p v a p dot com All right. 3 34 the time welcomed the Rick Robert show. Glad you're along. Um, the whole of Texas Coast to coast. Be the airport. Glad you're along on this Monday afternoon. If you don't know if you're listening outside the state of Texas, we are very Yeah. Run for governor. And one of the candidates for for the governor of the Great State of Texas is Lieutenant Colonel retired Colonel West. I like, uh, Lieutenant Colonel West a lot, and I like I like that. But a lot too. I've worked with him both on and off the year. So, um, you know, that's a good situation to be in when you've got guys that you you like you admire your respect. Um, something occurred on Friday night. Um Republican candidate for Texas governor. Allen West is demanding an apology. From some pretty key people. After an incident with his wife with me now is Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, Lieutenant Colonel. Good to well, It's good for me to talk to you. Once again. This probably isn't so good for you. Um, no. This find Rick because you know, truth is easy, and my wife did not do anything wrong. But we've got to discuss this. We've got to get this out there and we got to make sure that the right thing is done. It was Friday night I was down in Waco. I had a dinner with Ted do just some other people talking about because some conservative issues got rights issues, and my wife, our youngest starter, asked her if she could watch our grandson, Jackson, Bernard. And so she stayed at home. Ishi ended up going out to dinner and PF change in north part with a dear friend of ours. Who is also the attorney. And, uh, you know, after the dinner, you know, my wife decided to just take a little drive because she has set off a bug bomb in the home. She didn't want to take Jackson bag until she was, you know, quite certain it will be okay. Uh And so she was traveling that you know, Northwest Highway going West, and she realized she was not familiar with the neighborhood. She was over there on the other side away from love field past Bachman Lake, And so she hit the navigation system. She changed lanes and she was pulled over for, you know, not using the turn signal to change lanes now. It's not very rare that people get pulled over for not using the currency will change Lane. If if it were an accident, I would understand. But in the course of the events, the officer comes up as a discussion and tells my wife answered why she was pulled over this a little bit after nine PM Angela's very compliant, compliant and, you know, tells everything, Uh, and then she was ordered out of the car. Uh, And this officer uh, L. Harris 11172 is a bash number. This officer proceeds to Query her and question her in relation to she believes that she's on the influence of alcohol. Well, my wife had water and eliminate at the PF, change her her dinner gas going to test it, and we also have the receipts that we posted about their own line. My wife agreed with the fields for broadcast. You agreed to take a Breathalyzer. Uh, she was never told the results of the Breathalyzer. But then the officer decided she was going to arrest my wife under the suspicion of D U I and what ended up happening. My wife spent the entire night uh, and all the way up to Saturday afternoon about one PM when she was fire release she was charged with driving while intoxicated. With a minor child. But what really upset me even more than this was that? You know, no one just thought that we could take the time to wait and allow my younger daughter her husband to come. And retrieve my grandson. They carted my wife away to jail and left my grandson in the car. Still in the restraint, a couple of officers just standing there. That's unacceptable to me. Alright. Okay. Several things pop out about their support. Your wife, Angela Angela West was given a field sobriety test. Correct, Correct. That's correct. Okay, Um, And then she was arrested. They're after Correct. She was arrested with the suspicion suspicion of driving while the toxic under influence. Did she request a blood test? No. She requested the Breathalyzer. My wife is a two time breast cancer survivor. She did not want to get the blood tests. And so she refused. And, of course, This officer went through in order to warrant to get a blood test against my wife. But again, I will say that, uh, my wife obviously blew clean on the Breathalyzer. She was not informed that which I think you should have been. But like I said she had just had water and lemonade. There's no alcohol in the house, so there was no drinking prior to her going out so that that's the situation in which we find ourselves. And your grandson is held. Three months, three months and so he obviously was in a Child restraint system in the car under right under the supervision of two police officers until your youngest daughter gets there, right. Yeah, but the thing is that no one called to tell my youngest daughter about this situation. My youngest daughter, who was on the phone to the speaker, following in the Bluetooth and listening to what was going on with her husband and she paying my wife. Cell phone number. Uh, this is not normal protocol. I've talked to a lot of people, and they say it most. Uh, if there really was this, you know, worry and suspicion about alcohol, Uh, Child Protective Services would have been calling. They would have been turned over then that's a whole another rigmarole or I'm not real comfortable with my three month old grandson just being left. In a car. You know, in his still in his restraint with officers just standing outside. That's not, uh, something that I I I can agree with. All right now you've formally requested, I think through a video requested apologies. Formal apologies. Public apologies from whom I requested it from the Dallas police chief Police chief Chief Garcia and also mentioned the, uh Eric Johnson and also the Dallas district attorney, John Cruz. Oh, because I want everyone to be aware of the situation and I wanted to be rectified..

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