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Dot com. Forward slash rewards 9 18 traffic and weather on the age to marry to Papa and the traffic Center. All right, Thank you Think we're gonna take a look downtown? Always thinking wtp listeners, Mark was going across the National mall and on 14th Street, heading South Bend after Constitution Avenue, just behind the African American Museum. All South bound traffic of 14th is being diverted to Madison Drive. They're actively doing barrier barrier removal from this week's security perimeter that was around, so be prepared for that easy workaround was stick to 15th Street to get by, but anticipate that unexpected slowdown also to note Around the Capitol complex. We still have street closures all around the complex from Constitution and independence in both directions to the west of the capital include third Street, North and south and to the east of the capital second, so watch for all north South streets. In that stretch to be closed, you are able to get to union station on the one bright spot. Checking into Virginia with Interstate travel Light on 95 Springfield Spotsylvania. We do have one crash on Route one running south bound after Grand Park Road before Quantico, Gateway, Dr. Watch for possible police direction and a new crash now being reported in Prince William County Dump. Freeze. Road it old stage Coach Road Watch for response Heading. They're married to bump a w T o P traffic over the storm team for meteorologist Lauren.

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