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Pacific strain so by using a live virus and the vaccine you've got patients that would have both antibodies an tcells working on their side from the start rather than waiting for tcells the show up only after you already have the flew to kathleen sullivan a director at the children's hospital philadelphia she describes the benefit this wiped she says it has the magic of both great antibody response and inducing a strong tcell response that will be a safety net so for virus breaks through the first line of defence you'll have tcells the make sure you don't get very sick which is pretty cool but still injecting yourself with alive flu virus seems kinda dicey i mean does this work with just any viral strain that happens to be lying around well not exactly me see the scientists basically toko part of flu virus in their lab figured out what made it tick nick on of frankenstein a mutant flu strain that was perfectly suited for this new kind of vaccination and what exactly makes associated will be injected live in my body of because i have to tell you i've avoided tryst in zaire actions here and i'm pretty take you about this kind of thing well that what they did was they created a strain that was strong enough to replicate efficiently but actually weaken also that are mute systems can easily control them so once the mutant virus is injected into the vaccine it triggers both an antibody response and a tcell response in all will never posing that much of an actual threat to the body and not only that but because tcell responses tend to provide longer term immunity a vaccine like this could actually do away with the need for annual flu vaccinations well i i'm sure there's still a ways to go before a universal vaccine like i can go public but i'll admit the prospect of not having to get a flu shot aim morris pretty appealing and in the meantime though annual vaccinations are still the best chance to stay healthy and not just for ourselves but for all of society i was reading this article in quantum a magazine that up pointed out how people who've who talk themselves out of getting flew shots because you know they never get the flu are sort of missing the point and how that.

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