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Backslash Japanese insects we won't read through everything but just to give you an idea and you know this explains so much in anime if you were a fan of inuyasha where they actually had a lot of the spirits of beings because of course into Yasha is the son of the dog you hi it was actually pretty interesting so they had some of these and like I don't know I get it. Japan is known as the land of everything Cole why eat these days even ugly things for me cute however there are some reasons why you would not want to do to Japan and these are this person's top ten list appearance heating Japanese insects that will give you a scare if you weren't expecting them the first one is the cicada cicada are very romanticized their music is inner this evening song their background noise in Japanese movie they refer to and famous works of literature before cicadas became obnoxious tree crickets they live underground as in them once they hit puberty and start arguing with their parents the birth their way out of the ground and find a nearby place to malt when they leave a nasty exoskeletons for children to collect groups of psychotic can produce sounds up to a hundred and twenty decibels that's louder than any Ozzy Osborne concerts a cat is are harmless but if the mistake you for a tree they can grip you with their spiky legs and be in an attempt to eat from you or lay their eggs in you overall they are pretty cool but they can definitely be freaky they also die in great numbers and when they die they fall from trees like secura blossoms in spring suffice to say dead giant insects falling on you is a momentary panic inducing situation in Florida I believe we also have these and they are very loud there was one day that I was sitting with mom she can't sing don't you hear that noise and I'm like the cicadas no it can't just be cicadas and we're looking all over the place there's this stranger walking down the street she's do you hear that noise is like the cicadas. just the excuse really astounded but I think this is right after I bought this house and it's right next door to her and it has two great because trees and these trees produce they really attract cicadas so Japan also has stink bugs which are going to sign him mommy mushi like fruit vampires these bugs vermilion sucking their fluids from any vegetation they can find their straw like appendages they usually don't bother humans but if you touch as little dude or intimidate him you'll end up covered in a nasty Salanter like odor the next one and I don't know of any your crisis here but they stink bug in particular but the decade mood she is a caterpillar it's beautiful it's yellow and red it's got these beautiful little spikes and apparently if you touch one it will feel like you stuck a paper clip into an electric socket they don't have an electrical powers but they do release chemicals and it's fairly painful they're called the electric bug in Japan cockroaches nope. that's like a big new on my list the image on this website to actually shows the cockroach balloons no no no no I like animals I don't wish cockroaches harm or ill but Florida's filled with them and we even have the special things called Ahmed who bugs that lie when I was a child and I was four years old and we lived in Mississippi I went to get a drink of water and it was dark and that my mother night when I was a child I was one who waits on she always with the lights off service kind of this battle and I thought I was going to actually go and get my water in the dark and make her happy that I didn't turn on any lights so I went to go drink some water that I got out of the faucet and across my face from the glass called a cockroach so ever since that time I have not really liked them so that the note they celebrate them yeah Japanese mountain leeches these are actually fairly interesting most of the time people run into these nasty creatures with bodies of water but they're also perfectly comfortable on land and I only just have a seemingly harmless inform like gate but when they really mean business they can come after you buy somersaulting at high speed and it's actually pretty cool to see even climb trees to drop down on unsuspecting victims and hide in your shoes these leeches are equipped with a sucker on one end and help them to get around and size of their.

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