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The 47 year old history teacher had shown a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed from satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo as part of his civics lesson on freedom of speech. An 18 year old Chechen refugee who had heard about it came to the school, found the teacher and beheaded him in the street with a 14 inch knife. The killer posted a picture on his Twitter account before being shot dead by police, he wrote. I have executed one of the dogs from hell who dared to put Mohammed down. Demonstrator Elizabeth, calm down, says the teacher was simply helping students develop their critical thinking. Just put up with this, she says. Everyone sees his killing as an attack on French values Freedoms. Democracy itself. Eleanor Beardsley. NPR NEWS PARIS You're listening to NPR news. A United Nations arms embargo against your Ron expired Sunday. The expiration is part of an international nuclear arms deal with that country, Iran would now be afraid of buy weapons to replace those dating back to the Islamic Revolution. And to sell its own gear abroad. Iranian officials say they have no plans to go on a weapons buying spree. Other nations may be reluctant to sell weapons to Iran, fearing American financial retaliation. The British government has told the European Union's top negotiator not to bother coming to London this week to continue talks on a post Brexit trade deal as Teri Schultz reports from Brussels. EU says its plans to keep trying haven't changed. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it's pointless to hold this week scheduled round of talks on reaching a treat agreement after you leaders told Britain and needs to change his positions, UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove told the BBC. It's Brussels, which has to budge. We're certainly not saying if they do change their position, we can't talk to them. Longstanding disagreements remain over regulations to govern the two sides relationships starting January when the post Brexit transition period ends. There's an additional irritant now with a British plan to declare it has unilateral rights to change the internationally negotiated situation on the border between the U. K's Northern Ireland and you member Ireland. For NPR News. I'm Teri Schultz. In Brussels. A landslide buried a minibus in northern Pakistan Sunday. Officials say all 16 people on board were killed. Landslides after heavy monsoon rains are common in Pakistan. I'm Nora Rahm NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations..

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