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To the top stories we're working on here at WTO. House speaker Kevin McCarthy has signed the resolution blocking D.C.'s revised criminal code Bill. The labor market is still going strong. The government says employers added more than 300,000 jobs last month. Keep it here on WTO full tales coming on these stories in the minutes ahead. It's three 48. Traffic and weather on the aids back to date, he's in the traffic center. Friday traffic, damp roads, occasional drizzle, travel times are longer on the beltway and the other area interstates. There are very few incidents in the heavy traffic though crashes from earlier in the hour in Mount Vernon on route one on the auto loop near Pennsylvania avenue, I 97 and had a rental county. All those were either on shoulders or clear. There's nothing really that stands out incident wise. The theme really is just heavy Friday's traffic, especially on 95 in Northern Virginia. In Maryland heading to the eastern shore, eastbound traffic on 50 is slow from before cape saint Clair's exit for saint Margaret's road to the bay bridge. It is only going to be two lanes on the eastbound span of the bridge, given the weather forecast, the reversible lane is blocked on the westbound span of the bridge. And in the district, the Frederick Douglas bridge remains open, the crash there is clear freeway traffic will be heavy to and from the 11th and 14th street bridges on I three 95 and two 95. I'm Dave dildine WTO traffic. Now the forecast from storm team four meteorologist Mike Steiner. Most of the cloudy skies in Chile this afternoon with some patchy light rain or drizzle, much of the afternoon will be dry, our highs mid to

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