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Now let's see how we can achieve that. And Cassandra and Carlin Glad that you brought that up. I had read a study that was talking about why that is actually gives you that sense of euphoria and then actually can feel really good because there's this sweet spot. When you are next, you know, pushing your brain and a very certain style in new territory, Which is what you were just mentioning Karl and that's a few girls exactly like you can get into this moment that you can have, and they talked about how professional athletes or or other people who were really honed in at this particular skill of focus. It gets to a certain point when you were in that sweet spot of unknown, uncharted territory, but something that is still achievable and so that you know you if you want to increase your quality of life, which is what this particular study said. It was having those moments built into your day and your right of going. Nope. Here's where I'm growing. And here's where I'm stretching because it's good for you right and there are no I was just gonna share because there are there's a number of studies of wind professional athletes talking about. How many times they visualized success that they're working towards right? They visualized winning the game or being the first one across the finish line. And you have all right. But you're right because they are very, very, very keyed in on the visualization on the gold setting aspects are we are we're You know, our mind is so powerful, right? And we really a lot of times when we're really never taught this throughout our lives, how to utilize it. Two would be able to achieve the things where we would like in life. We have daily obstacles known that minute by minute obstacles that create the fear. You don't deserve that now. You're never going to do that. You can't. You can't. You can't just take some of the people around us saying that do not even in her own head, right? Yeah. You're never going to achieve that. So what you think that is a lot, right. So a lot of these goals are things that you just stay internally. Just tell the people that you know will support you, right? Right, Right. So I think that's really good. And I like this next part where you know something, you know, pick something that you could be excited about, like it doesn't always have to be punitive. Well, you need to, because, like you said, you need when you tie an emotion to it. Hopefully it's a positive emotion, right? But any time our emotions come into play that thought or that whatever it is that we're thinking about It. It's like it gets grounded in our minds that when you tie an emotion to it, same with a negative emotion, right something you're very, very scared about happening. You don't want to keep dwelling on that, because that's also something that will stick with you. I call it an imprint in your brain. Right, so depending upon how emotional you are, whether it's negative, it's his fear. I'm afraid this is going to happen right? It starts to imprint. And you can undo that through constant repetition of your thoughts in a positive way. But just remember that you can imprint in a positive way too. You can start to I believe this. I'm destined for this. I know these are all affirmations. You can say to overcome some of your fears and concerns out there right down your affirmations again. Your training your mind. When we're born our minds naturally go to the fear in the negative and we're trained to be like that from birth on. So you have to untrained yourself in train yourself to think positive. Thanks. Sense Fear and negative sometimes is a good resource to protect yourself. And so if you are a viable alright if you had to learn that a Willy mammoth was going to come up in moving, you know not to go where the Willie Mama comes even today, Right? How do we raise our kids? Don't touch that. Or stay away from that. Great. Be careful. So we are gonna climb on, man. You're gonna take it out right now, and that's all fear. And so it does remind you that you have to go. You train your brain to be able to go to the positive as much as right as possible as well. Correct, Understand? And then the last thing in the five things so just to recap the first one. Write it down or put it in a nap. Right? Make it a present tense because our mind things in the present tense only right? Something you've never done something you're excited about. The last one has to be that It's believable. It can't be completely on on a bun believable or you'll never even worked towards it. Right. And I think we need to hit into that a little bit more before we move on to the specific exercises,.

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