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Very latest Chris Redman firing at PG sit and failed on a gang of five for text messages that may according to rhythm and use things like the N word and also making fun of Chris medicines wife who lies in hospice who's in the later stages of cancer. If that is true it's appalling, and it's a huge scandal. And we'll have more on than Amy's take on it because she works closely with Chris also talked to an addition to that if that's weren't enough. I was talked to about what the final report is said, I don't know if it's a final report yet. But yesterday, they were briefed council was on public safety on the police and fire response to the shooting at fifth third Bank center and. I believe that we have to hold certainly our public officials in those who are bidding new high-standard. There's no doubt about it that when police make errors in judgment that we have to correct that we have to punish the people who do so because of incompetence or deliberate nature's. But when the time comes to applaud we also have to do that. And I think certainly based on what happened. It was her finest hour, and and first responders we've talked to me about that coming up at eleven o six and what that found. The report has to say at eleven o six days. I said on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w and that right afternoons news story to Coca Cola right here in well from Atlanta to Cincinnati, which of course, we have a we used to have a delta hub. I think we have a co cub here. Anyway, Coca-Cola the report is that they've now since denied. But I think it also has to do with anytime a report comes up, and then they turn. Well, we're we're not really it has to do with maybe kind of sniffing. The air a little bit to see what the public sentiment is. If there's going to be a backlash or something. But was it Coca Cola? Maybe looking at a new ingredient as a story goes, maybe urgent urban legend. But I recall reading this and saying it's a firm that Coca Cola, and it's very very very very early stages actually had the coca would be cocaine cocaine leaf in. The Coca Cola was the original formula. Now back in the history of America cocaine was a substance that you could buy readily from your pharmacist without a doctor's prescription because of the effects it had on you that they used it fairly regularly in medicine still do it actually has medical reasons to use cocaine. The Coca Cola actually use it originally in their first formulations, obviously since then moving on. But now they're talking about possibly getting in bed with a CBD company. In saying that, well, you know, what are Nishel much like the elixirs back in the day. And that's what the started was right essentially snake oil before it became a carbonated beverage that was more of a a treat than anything else. Now, it's become sadly, a mainstay for a lot of people. But nonetheless, the Coca Cola would have CBD Nador. Okay. So let's say. There's two parts of cannabis or hand. And this case hemp one would be THE that's the partic- high. And then CBD is the non psychoactive part of it. That is derived from hamper marijuana. And we found that putting this stuff and just using the stuff as a tincture, which is a few drops on your tongue or in a Gummer food. Product is good for your body in a sense that it adds a lot of things. It's also a wonderful wonderful anti inflammatory and so- Coca Cola from what's routes is being a magical liquor that if you drink Coca Cola, you're going to feel better and live longer and all the stuff then became a essentially junk food, and now maybe going back to its roots again as something with some medical benefit. Now, I will say that of all people. Billy Cunningham talked about his CBD gum and oil. So you get this. It's got some CBD in it. And he said I have arthritis of the finger can't straighten it out from golf, and now I can I have in my family has a history of osteoarthritis. And my remember my grandmother suffering from it in her hands. My mom has a little bit of it. My dad had other issues he since passed, but. I've developed in recent years, osteoarthritis, and my right shoulder the point where I went into beacon and got a shot, and they said, yeah, you're gonna need shoulder replacement surgery and a few years, you're too young too young right now, but at some point in your life, you're going to have to have it, which it's no fun because you know, trying to exercise and do physical and do physical labor is difficult when you can't raise your arm past your head. And so the shot when they generally give it to you, of course, in the arm cortisone. And it keeps things. Okay. It doesn't really work for it from my back when before surgery and it worked. Okay, but it wasn't really a lasting effects on. It's you know, it's the nature of drugs in the like work longer or not at all for some people entirely different action. So I've been quite some pain for a little while with the shoulder fighting through it exercising and everything. And then I said, well, I tried to CBD gum and that helped like a little bit. And then a really affect but talking to someone who is kind of an expert in this area when it comes to, you know, a vape being and stuff and said, do you need to try CBD oil, and you could buy the stuff online all over the place and I bought some three hundred milligram. And I tried it. And for the last week we can half I've been taking about six to ten drops under my tongue three times a day. And it's amazing the difference. The pain is not completely gone. But I've got more range of motion in my shoulder. Exercising is not as painful working is not as painful and for me so far a week and a half in it's working CBD oil. Now, can you imagine? Having this stuff in in a product like Coca Cola or they put some drops of that. And it'd be a different version obviously, much like you have flavors coke coke zero everything else. CBD in it that would allow your body to essentially help prepare itself in. It's not addictive not habit forming you can't overdose on is perfectly natural. And I wish yesterday I ran into the crossover shows at twelve six and yesterday Cunningham had attorney general Mike dewine on. Of course, you know, is running for governor. And he has been a staunch opponent. Of course, you know, the drug industry and overdose. All I would ask him and said, listen, you know, for years, and I think he still is he fighting or has fought very hard against legalizing marijuana. Against legalizing medical marijuana to which I would have said to him while a component in the marijuana of courses. CBD in many of us get relief from CBD, and yet you're against anything that my encompass on the drug companies and getting that you've been anti pot your whole career and continue to be. So even though the medical benefits have been proven in other states and other studies to have to have a profound effect on people's lives in a positive way. So you as a candidate for governor? And I've seen the campaign ads to talk about how he's tough on penalizing people for drug crimes and tough on crying all the stuff, but I wonder how many people through no fault of their own who've been prescribed an opiate by Dr thinking, they're helping themselves because they had no alternative because of all these recently. And certainly t h he's been legal is inadvertently didn't Mike dewine. Help create the problem is seeking us solve to which I would say, yes. Hello. Yes. I'd love to ask him that question. Again, an opportunity because there's an issue hitting the softballs out of the park. Anyway, Willy's here at twelve oh six today. Allison has a news update at eleven oh six on the Scott Sloan show. Amy Murray gets knee deep in tex- gate texts. Get we have a new scandal in Cincinnati. We'll have the update and then news and get you filled. And then we'll talk about it at right afterwards. Here Scott Sloan show, seven hundred w w seven hundred.

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