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Weirdo book worms unite. Do your reading tastes range from dystopia scifi to middle grade fantasy dark psychological thrillers to gory body horror from why a paranormal swords and sorcery. Extraterrestrials murder beyond. Then we want to share our love of reading with you. Welcome home he. John junkies happy halloween. Halloween santan scott here at the best time of the year with a horror. Novella for you. yeah But make no mistake novella in length but not novella in content. Yeah it's depth. it's packed. I'm so excited to talk to you. All about one of my most anticipated reads of the year. And that is cassandra. 'cause nothing blackened teeth so before we get into that first of all it's also on this books birthday today. Happy birthday book. go get it you know. The first half of our show is always spoiler free. And then we'll talk about spoilers in the second half so you know. Don't don't freak if you haven't read it yet when going to spoil it for you until the second half Maybe you knew. Maybe you're joining us. We've been around for a long time but you never know. I find new podcasts. All the time they're like we're not we'd been around for like seven years and i'm like kuku kuku cruel cruel call cuckoo cool so i can tell you something exciting. I've been enjoying what in in this high holy month will first of all we've been doing weekly shows over at the cult show. So that's that's quite a bit of heavy lifting but we're getting through it and it is a lot of fun than we've gone some adventures and done some silly trick entreat sort of things and then for spooky slumber party. We reviewed the new candyman film and scott actually watched that too. I did i was. I have never seen the first candyman right right. It was my introduction to the series and and I was pleasantly surprised. I greatly enjoyed it. It's it's got a lot of depth scott poignancy. I think it's something a lot of john. Junkies fans would dig. And i mean the first ones of course absolutely brilliant and this is truly not a a remake. It's it's a successor. It's i wouldn't say two sequel to successor continuation of the story directed and partially written by the amazing nia..

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