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Coming back and we said to him rook. We want you to know that we have forgiven you for what you did to us. We want you to know that you need to ask Christ to come into your life and to forgive. Give you and you need to understand. this would this country and We could reincarnation was Generally accepted and where they were. Many God's we said to him from my wife did it through an interpreter that we had with us a South African missionary who we knew very well You need to know that there is only one God and the there is only this life and you only have this trump's to get to know God and to make a decision. I'll praise that you will make that decision. And she gave him a Bible and the trucks and then they save time is up. Go to go so we lift coming up next for Babylon subscribers but the people were coming to them and saying who is this. Jesus of Feminine Keep Doing All. Is it possible that these this founded the council give us so. Would you say that the Gospel in Your Faith and Gospel and your faith in Christ was the only possible way that you would have found any power our to forgive this man and I had to. I.

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