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Okay. Brazilians rises. Not even gravity contains humanity when we explore as one for all first fully operational launch of the space X Dragon capsule, with four astronauts now on their way to the international space station. Including Houston native Shannon Walker. They should dock there at about 10 o'clock this morning. That would be Houston time. Houston, Texas, now two and seven after losing to the Browns in Cleveland, 10 to 7. Song just shot. Watson had a touchdown pass a touchdown pass in the loss. The Texans will host the New England Patriots next Sunday. I'm sure a fryer and Houston's news, weather and traffic station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh in international pandemic flooding and hurricane disaster. No weather station can weather the storm and today's climate say informed use radio 7 40 ktrh man, Am I glad I don't have smell O vision on my TV. I'd still be trying to get the smell out of my place. Good Lord, that stunk yesterday. This might smell pretty good, though. Waffle House beer. Huh? Yes, Wolf, Long Spear. 24 7 breakfast chain, releasing his first ever beer. It smells just like I know. You know, you would have thought it would spell like waffles right? That makes sense. Bacon? Yeah. Bacon infused new beers called bacon in kegs. You get it? Yeah. Bacon and eggs. It's a bacon infused red ale or, but that's good chain teamed up with Connie Brewing Company in Georgia. Decorate the beard has a 6.5 A BV. The art in the can. Is very classic Waffle House if your Waffle house saying that the bacon lover like yard work as the legendary restaurant and bacon On it. I would. I'd give it to sip 5, 10 time forward traffic and weather together as we check out your drive once.

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