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Terrible for penalty for shooting yourself in the foot metropole. Absolutely david geffen was the wrong kind of enemy to make at that point in time The yeah i think i think you know it's a measure of of how strange Phil spector become from the prevailing friends in music. At that point guessing was Was was was doing very very nicely. Thank you With us like mitchell. Jackson browne crosby stills and nash of spent had absolutely zero interest in any of these people. You know they will kind of music. It's all adding regard. I love them. But he regarded them as as as an absolute fronts or to to to rock and roll kind of rock and roll but he'd been making And and as you say the david geffen the node been sort of incrase. You know who've been very happy to be to be just hanging on in the studio With his jaw dropping watching spencer working complete to be around him and and suddenly. There's he burgess us this very powerful industry player and i'm sure that would have cultural specs as well and he does keep trying though he cooks up with Faded rock and roll legend. Dionne and they do an album together tells an aetna now when actually gets finished i'll fill cry. Didn't produce all the tracks talk about that attempted collaboration. Well i i actually think this is. This is a terrific record Very few other people seem to particularly the time deal didn't like it The end been served well by by by specter And of course he was only twenty years later the people began to talk about it as spencer's forgotten masterpiece. It's a record that That seems to be when you play the rebel. That seems to be playing sort of twenty four off pm thirty three pm. It's it's probably the slowest most like most of the group's record the phil spector's ever made And and again. It's the if the wall of sound inex- chelsea's i mean it's it's an extraordinary extraordinary sounding record deal. I didn't even knew each other back in the back in the early days the runaround sue days They thanks from the bronx And of inspectable border from that. That is something that we did the on. Sue him the fact they were both new year. Old boys Fantastic voice of course the deal and had some sort of reinvent yourself as as singer from day on the rocker But there's some there's some terrific on their There's some terrific terrific arrangements. I mean at times. It sounds has the mormons have requesting behind greco. It's a it's a very. It's a very wholesome production And i think deal. All the felt that He was he was overwhelmed and engulfed. Enroll the well. Ill served by this And of course. I hate to say it but it was. It was still being drunk again. I mean you mentioned shave it some this this. This is almost as many shaving thousand really. Come in with the repulses of this stuff Stan ross who is the engineering on that wrestle remember that Hey share that. And we don't know. I need this themselves. And it'd be there lugging this jewish ritual wine Out of the buffalo while he was producing and inevitably things we get increasingly tests the increasing the out of order. You're right to say wrestle to the actually finished but it is we're all gonna miracle and it's well worth a listen like you say especially if you put it on a good stereo turn it up loud. It's it's definitely the wall of sound and full effect in it. It was out of sync with commercial trends at the time but Something well worth hearing it and a good good album must here a little bit.

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