Kellyanne Conway, President Trump, Sue Guzman discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Station is sixty four degrees at twelve o'clock. Good morning. I'm sue Guzman. Five boy scouts are hospitalized after they were struck by an SUV trying to cross the road a Long Island happened at David Terry road in Mandeville around two thirty yesterday afternoon residents in the area say the road is known for reckless drivers. We had a cost benefit the other day. The bus. Stop kick came racing down the rainy day spa. That tree right. There has been knocked out that that telephone poll, right? There has been changed numerous times the driver of the vehicle fifty nine year old Thomas Murphy was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. A New Jersey man is dead after contracting a brain eating amoeba from a wave pool at a resort in Texas. According to the Waco tribune-herald twenty nine year old Fabrizio STA BIL event, nor died of a rare illness at the Atlantic City medical center now Bs are cable park surf resort has been shut down as a precaution. As officials test. The water swimmers can contract the infection via contaminated water that gets into noses or mounts, the amoeba causes encephalitis and death with an eighteen days of infection. Sometime sooner Kellyanne Conway is claiming she too was a victim of sexual assault. President Trump's counselor making the statements on CNN state of the union saying she feels empathetic for other victims as she is one herself. Conway says you have to be accountable for your on actions. But you have to blame the perpetrators and not. Take your anger out on judge Cavanaugh. Well, congressman Jerrold Nadler says if Brent cavenaugh is confirmed to the supreme court in the Senate hasn't investigated, then it's up to the house to do it. I would hope to send it would have done his job. I I hope the FBI has free hand over the next week to investigate comments on ABC's this week..

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