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Explosions of what difference will this resignation made, if any, at all? Is it enough? What next for Lebanon? China imposes sanctions on the United States. It includes the director of human Rights Watch, We'll get. His reaction will also hear from Cambodia, where activists fear a proposed law allowing police to find people deemed to be dressed inappropriately could inadvertently undermined women's rights on the well known Edinburgh festival is counseled. You take over 19 so well. Locals missed the bus. Or enjoy the peace. We'll hear from them and find out what the cancellation of one of the world's largest cultural festivals means for them. All that coming off after the latest Live from NPR News. I'm Shea Stevens. At least 541 Corona virus deaths were recorded in the United States on Monday, pushing the total closer to 164,000. John Hopkins University has recorded nearly 5.1 million cases of the disease nationally and more than 20 million cases worldwide. President Trump says he remains confident that a covert 19 vaccine is coming soon, I think will be Making tremendous progress over the next Period off a few months and certainly before the end of the year. I think we'll have a vaccine before the end of the year. Very substantially. We may have A therapeutic. Resolve mint very quickly. Trump says Three vaccine candidates are currently in phase three clinical trials to assess their safety and effectiveness. 40% of college freshmen responding to a national survey say they plan to stay home this fall because of the Corona virus pandemic. Kirk Arup as of member station, WGBH. As more of the 1800 students contacted for the study, four in 10 are likely or highly likely not to attend any college this fall. The trend includes highly selective colleges like Harvard, which announced last week that 20% of freshman differed enrollment. Jason Simon is CEO of Simpson. Scarborough, which conducted the survey is just a really, really highly volatile time. There's still a lot of students who are rethinking what their plans are and are waiting. For the last minute to try to make any of those decisions. That might be because the survey also found that a vast majority of students don't trust other students to follow public health guidelines for NPR news. I'm Kirk Cara paisa in Boston, California's director of public health, has resigned amid controversy over the state's Corona virus database. That story from KQED. Scott Shafer in San Francisco. Dr. Sonya Angel announced she was leaving in an email to department staff but did not say why. Her sudden departure comes a week after Governor Gavin Newsom announced a 21% drop in the rate of positive Corona virus testing just before state health officials revealed the computer system that collects test results. May not have counted as many as 300,000 records. The Newsome administration insists they didn't know about the magnitude of the problem when the governor announced the rate drop, But some local health officials had been told more than 10,000 Californians have now died from Cove it 19 for NPR News. I'm Scott Shafer in San Francisco Seattle City Council has revised its 2020 budget to include Cutting the size of the city's police force, but about 100 officers through layoffs and attrition. Cuts are not as extensive as demonstrators demanded in the wake of protests over police killings. Seattle City Council members say it is a first step This is NPR news. McDonald's is suing a former CEO who was forced out over alleged inappropriate relationship with an employee. The fast food chain claim Steve Easterbrook covered up other alleged relationships with workers and destroyed evidence. Easterbrook received a nearly $42 million severance when he was ousted last year. Lebanon's prime minister is stepping down. Listen a week after a massive explosion killed more than 160 people in Beirut. Nada homes. He reports that the departure follows massive anti government protests over the government's handling of the disaster. Prime Minister Hassan DEA announced his resignation Monday evening in a televised speech, citing chronic corruption at the root of the explosion in Beirut's port. Resident Michelle and has asked the ABS government stay in a caretaker capacity until a new Cabinet is formed. The collapse of jabs. Shortlived government, which lasted less than a year, came following mass outrage at the explosion. But this resignation is unlikely to appease the Lebanese public, which blames the explosion on entrenched political corruption and negligence. Following the resignation, protestors demonstrated for 1/3 straight day clashing with security forces for NPR news. I'm nada homes in Beirut. At least one person has died in clashes between police and protesters in Belarus. For second night thousands of people took to the streets of Minsk to denounce the re election of President Alexander Lukashenko. Neighboring Poland is calling for a special European Union summit on the matter..

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