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Your best employees, how do you know they are the best employees? Learn more at van Poole alliance dot org. On WTO P coming up in money news. By the close the Dow was up 266 points, the NASDAQ gained almost 2%, a Northern Virginia brewery is opening a fourth location. I'm Jeff cable. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. George let's look into the future. And then let's do that. And talk about Aaron Rodgers. Garages. Okay, so that's the other big question. Tom Brady's retired JJ watts retired. And if Aaron Rodgers retires, then they'll all go the Hall of Fame same time. Ah, yeah. Okay, well, Aaron Rodgers told pat McAfee show what she appears on each week that he doesn't know about his future yet. And he's going to decide it this way. He is soon after the Super Bowl. He is going to embark on a four day Fortnite darkness retreat. He's going to sit in the dark for four days. Okay. Meditate, isolation. He said there could be some hallucinations, but he's just going to sit in silence. That's pretty cool. Towards a final final decision. Okay. Whatever works, right? Shut out all the other voices. There you go. Absolutely. So there you go. We don't know better and roger's future, but we may soon get an answer. The forty-niners are set to hire former Panthers interim head coach Steve Wilkes as the defensive coordinator to make Orion's heading to the Houston Texas so they had that spot open Chris Harris hired as defensive pass game coordinator cornerbacks coach for the Tennessee Titans formerly of the Washington commanders, the Super Bowl 5 days away now in Arizona, teams getting into their routines, practice routine, and of course media routines. Wizards off after a third straight loss last night, keeping on Bradley Beal did not play last night as didn't Kyle Kuzma. LeBron James 36 points away from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lakers home tonight to Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant will not be traded. Brooklyn Nets are telling teams after Kyrie Irving traded to Dallas he'll make his debut tomorrow college who was a big one in east Lansing tonight for the terps. The Maryland men have won four straight games. They're at Michigan state 9 o'clock tip. Same time as Virginia and Clemson, George Wallace Wilbur sword. All right, George, thanks. Four 17, did you put off some routine medical care during the COVID pandemic? D.C. health officials say that probably explains a slight uptick in the number of new HIV aids infections. The latest figures from D.C. health officials show a total of 11,904 people living with HIV in the district. Now, those figures helped move D.C. from the high to moderate range. The number of new infections for 2021, the latest year available is 230, and that compares to 270 in 2019. Clover Barnes with the D.C. office working on aids prevention says the caveat to that is, we had significantly less HIV tests done during the pandemic. D.C.'s working to streamline services to prevent and treat HIV aids. That

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