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Ross tucker and fell and then we got the sponsor confirmation email winner you guys know that the old there you take advantage of any of our awesome sponsors like seekie or a new one that we have today that i'm beyond fired up about and boom i will read and respond to your question on the show that's a promise and then you might win so something something also we've got the sign pictures we've got the signed press passes signed football cards i like it i like giving stuff to you guys i also like by the way giving shoutouts right so i wanna give shoutouts to a couple of different guys number one cliff web cliff is a listener and he's the guy that got me in touch with marshall ferguson to talk about johnny manziel and the cfo stuff remember the fan ran on the field and johnny manziel so i should've mentioned i couldn't remember his name but cliff web he mailed me say my name is cliff web you forgot to mention name you're right cliff i wanted to i just forgot about it and also want to mention josh hess he's a listener from down in new orleans that turned me on to the children of central city it's kind of a remarkable story about football and the impact it's had on a rough rough area down in new orleans my my recommendation there is just google children of central city so you can learn a little bit more about that it's pretty pretty special and something that we wanted to give a shoutout to so shout out to cliff web shutout the josh hess and the children of central city also shout out to us for today's guest i am pumped so i get a chance to work with charlie weis former notre dame head coach longtime coordinator in the league three times four times super bowl champ i guess i get you into talk to him on the radio a lot of good insight lot of good insight and i just wanted to talk to i felt like he's the perfect guy to talk about being a coordinator versus being a head coach college football versus the nfl so charlie weis i think you guys are going to enjoy this he's today's big show really excited about today's guests because this guy i've got a chance to know quite a bit over the last couple of months we do a show most fridays on sirius xm nfl radio is a three time super bowl championship offense coordinator he has four four rings total right coach that's correct four super bowl rings and obviously was also the head coach at notre dame i guess i'll start their coach so do you prefer these days now that you're retired he preferred to watch college football or the nfl well i watch football all day saturday and all day sunday but i really don't enjoy i really don't enjoy the game unless i have rooting interest and the only real rudy interest i have is watched my kid you know my kid coaches so wherever he is that's my rooting interest of than that when i'm watching the games i find myself way too analytical when i'm watching the game so the set of enjoying yourself you're saying a lot he doing this or why are they doing that rather than just watch the game for fun so are you literally their coach like sitting on the couch yelling at the tv because if that's true you gotta get your wife or someone to videotape that i bet you could get a lot of people streaming net like on facebook or something if it was just a camera on you yelling at the coaches on tv i usually watched gains by myself you know so i'll sit my office and watch the game or y'all might be in our tv room watching by whites coun riding horses all sit there and watch the game but i very seldom do i watch game with anybody else so do you have any examples of things that you remember from last year anytime really that really frustrated you yeah i'll i'll give you two examples of one was my kid was coaching for the falcons and they're playing against the cowboys and the cowboys lose their starting left tackle and they put they put in substitute left tackle who proceeds to give up six sacks to the same guy no.

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