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Wanted to Chris jailer Norcross Outlaw street racing across there. Craig Newton says the city began seeing an increase in street racing around this time last year when the pandemic was well underway in the southwest portion of the city along Jimmy Carter. Boulevard in Peachtree Industrial. The new ordinance charges those involved up to $1000 fine and up to six months in jail. He says it will work well with the new bill awaiting the governor's signature that creates a new misdemeanor of organizing or promoting illegal drag racing or laying drags. Sandra Parish 95.5 WSB police take into the background of a Navy Corman after a shooting near Fort Dietrich. Maryland reporter Mike Hilario says two sailors were wounded and the shooter's dead as investigators continue to search for a motive. So far, they No red flags and no past arrests. Everything that we've run so far, we don't we haven't found any prior history, Pentagon records show The suspect received four decorations from the Navy. He enlisted in 2012 police seal off his apartment. He had a wife and two kids upto one and three covert patients experience mental health or neurological symptoms within six months of infection. Research in the Lancet psychiatry finds the most common diagnosis is anxiety followed by mood disorders. The risk is greater for the more seriously ill hospitalized patients and Oxford scientist believes two factors are in play here. Stress triggers psychological symptoms while the virus may be causing neurological damage, baby bath seats so through Amazon's under recall is a drowning hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the bat top foldable infant bath seats don't meet federal standards for stability. If the sea tips an infant risks drowning. Now there have been no incidents or injuries reported parents should stop using these seats immediately. Amazons contacting customers about returns, free shipping and a full refund. Caitlyn Jenner's exploring a run for governor of California If the recall of governor Gavin Newsom succeeds, Axios reports genders working with Diggle, a GOP fundraiser. An operative Carol ran a Trump victory. Organizer of the January 6th Rally in D. C general would be joining a crowded field to topple Newsome. But it was through recall election that Arnold Schwarzenegger emerged as governor of California in 2003 WSB news times. 7 25 Very weather traffic ws Maybe your oldest Kirk Miller says. Today's forecast mix of clouds and sun. Hi 82 right now, 51. Next morning. Drive the WSB sky copter. We have big trouble spots this morning. Here's Mark McKay spotted spaghetti junk. Could Scott 85 South out of bumper to bumper battles the Pleasantville Road where there's still struggling to clear up a tanker truck crash, too. Right Lanes lost. 85 South bound has found the Pleasantville Road exit. 96 go through the hills road. He's been westbound. Shut down here at Fire! Cliff Road with rollover Crash Troubled traffic beddy bye Play five WSB. Get the recipe Sports 7 25 Years straight line has got the brains to get two chances today to get their first win of the season. Four solo homers not enough to get it done yesterday, thanks to a couple of stumbles from two of Atlanta's best relievers, AJ mentor and Will Smith both give up runs The Nationals come back to win. 65 manager Brian Stickers not worried. Just kind of you know, one of them days today. I've never in this road trip. I've never seen so many like ground ball just Right out of our reach. Max. Freed starts Game one, but it's not clear who will get the ball to begin game to yet. The doubleheader begins at noon in D. C. Soccer despite playing with 10 men for the entire second half. Atlanta United opens its season with a big one nil win in the first round of the Champions League in Costa Rica. Ezekiel Marco scores in the penalty spot the 50th minute. I'm not surprised. I don't okay our players for till the end of the game, and he's not ours from price for US new manager Gabriel Haynes a through a translator, Brad Cassandra, will be on a red card in the return leg next week. At K S U. N B. A is three from all over for the Hawks. They said an NBA record by going 11 for 11 from deep in the third quarter on the way to a 1 23 1 of seven went over New Orleans next up Memphis tonight. Now the top performer brought to you by reliable heating and air. That's Dustin Johnson host the champion's dinner last night and now gets ready to defend his master's title. A mark. You know I won the Masters, so it's you know, there's no pressure on trying to win the golf tournament, but you know, still I want to go out. And, you know, I'm defending champ only three players of won the Masters and back to back years. Johnson will tee off at 10 30 tomorrow morning. There is no part three contest today because of covert and I'm J Black on the home of the dogs, 95.5 WSB and the plan to allow fans. I'm sorry. Patrons at a gust of national, But you do have any indication how many folks gonna be allowed in there? I know the Green jackets will not tell us under normal circumstances, so how many people will be there? I will not be there. I'm not allowed to go because of covert. But from what it appears from the videos and the pictures we've seen. It's probably down to about 20%, which is still 20% more than we had on in November. Which would be great. We'll have some roars and we'll have just enough noise to make it seem kind of normal. And noise like we've been hurt fans during the practice round.

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