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A experts not our own but those appointed by the court who worth elian come to a conclusion that the that the evidence wasn't there and people would say well she did this her she acted this way or she did data she did this last said you know care how she acted show me the evidence show me the evidence there was no dna evidence of a mandate in that room or of rafael salunke it was not they're the only person who's dna was in there was besides mayor research i was reading today at he was convicted of murder that's david marriott with allison partners seattle office now again my objective for doing this interview was not to relive the amanda knocked storey per se but provide potential pointers and techniques that may be utilized if your company gets into a situation that is viewed as very negative to the world outside to takeaways it's important to change the conversation if your company or you are receiving negative publicity and also it's probably a good idea to appeal to media who have resources to really investigate what is going on rather than the quick hits the social media only really provides in one way to conceptualise mexican products is you know could engineering is part of it and design is part of it really is well i think of it as at least is next mining probability its when shows up at the front door in our your story website or or whatever it is an in ends up with all problem that is drew houston and he is the founder and ceo of drop box the key words there were at the very end when he said saba problem he was hauling around thumb drives bending them all the time until he came up with the idea why not do something that people can send files digitally therefore dropped box was born that's the way entrepreneurs thank the real successful ones are always thinking that way what can i do to solve some this problem.

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