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Have you been watching on the verses have you been watching the mall I have a watch this is heady Riley babyface knowing it says I was locked out now but I heard a lot about it I do see trains and and and register and that that was fantastic okay you know you gotta you gotta created a test page so you can test it yet you're alive to make everything look good you don't look like teddy Riley babyface it was crazy for love a little bit and also don't do too much right you can't be trying to do too much keep it simple that's what I hear so I don't I don't have any plans will have an orchestra what appeared like you know to just put a little big beard or dance behind me we opted out the queen's got what were you doing during the teddy Riley babyface about it you can get your phones now that you have to leave the house to get there about what you're doing okay if I live at terminal which reorganized the library in the back I don't care I loved every moment of it is stuff I just never got a chance to do that you know nothing will tell to bless your country law I we got more with Jill Scott when we come back is the breakfast club on any the way you guys you got a cold if we have any fears is that okay okay how to make yeah I just got a lot of but let me tell you I like you a lot I want to start at the top and the bottom bottom.

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