Bernie Sanders, Brett Brett Kavanagh, President Trump discussed on Mike Gallagher


Couldn't even continue to do her broadcast from the steps of the supreme court because she was concerned for her safety and they were worried about did you see the protests did you hear the pro they had they were streaming it at fox news i'm not mocking mental illness i'm not trying to be disrespectful because i i i understand the challenges and the perils of mental illness you cannot believe what they sounded like last night on the steps they were literally bain howling at the moon bernie sanders came out listen to this this is what it sounded like last night after judge brett brett kavanagh was announced by the president at nine o one pm eastern time you ready versus are you ready supreme court that we think it's absurd thank you have constitutional rights by elections and then tell women have the constitutional right took a trail bodies i mean i'm not kidding he was literally literally foaming at the mouth and they were screaming in a way that i mean it was it was a nervy and it was like a bunch of mental patients had escaped from from like a psychiatric facility and they had taken over a podium and a microphone now i'm not trying to mock them i get their upset and i get they're worried or whatever but you think that was the effective response i'm trying to picture conservatives had hillary clinton won and last night would have been hillary's announcement of some radical leftist on the court i'm trying to picture hundreds of conservatives shrieking and screaming and cursing with spittle flying out and i mean do you think that's what you think if she was on the other foot that's what that would look like wow i promise your voice coming up next eight hundred six five five mike welcome in the day after.

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